Monday, April 19, 2010

Somethings .. old and one thing new.

So my recent trip to Sherwood, OR left me with free time both Thursday and Friday while I waited for the nephew to get out of school.    What else to do than play with my phones interesting little google maps application.  Ahh the joy of GPS to lead you right to the candy shop of all candy shops.  The Antique store.  I saw so many things I want but couldn't touch with a ten foot pole for pricing but 3 caught my eye.  
I wonder why?
  • Mr. Made out of what appears to be flexible cutting board material lamp.  He was interesting but not $75 dollars worth of interesting.  
  • A beautiful chalk ware piece that I totally drooled over for only $175.  Ahh I could dream but I knew it wasn't meant to be with my budget.  He was begging me too... 
  • He could be a planter or in my case I would have used him for a ring holder.  He was so temping, I picked him up.  Oooh only $25 now we might be getting somewhere and then I saw the nasty little hairline crack when I turned him just so in the light.   You can pick them up on eBay for sometimes less than 15 and that's with shipping included. 
 So in all my thrift and Antique shop meandering I brought not ONE thing home from any of them.  But.... *drum roll.... I did hunt on craigslist.   I mean heck bigger cities have so many interesting things than podunk ville U.S.A. here does.

Oh my GOSH ...

the ad..

Darling dachshund 4-piece serving (tidbit) dish

Apr 16, 2010 ... (Especially for that dachshund-- weiner dog-- fancier!!) 4 piece nuts pretzels candy ??? serving dish. Nice vintage shape! 503-9-------- - 11 hours ago

So only 11 hours ago.  Yeah it was so totally gone to me but heck the ad was still up.  I called.  Yeah I drove 20 minutes, spent $10 and I was in heaven.  In my budget, close by and we all enjoyed the ride.  Portland, OR is lovely when you're traveling through some of the beautiful neighborhoods. 


Oh but it gets even better.  Remember.. somethings old... and one thing new. 

Meet... No Name ... currently under investigation for personality to bloom and show it's true colors.  His story for me is a very hard one to tell so I will leave it for now as lesson learned the extreme hard way.  He was born 12-05-09.  His Dam died during the birth process ( that tells you the care eh? ) and I found out he is related to my precious BeBe.  They are brothers.   He is underweight but other than that is healthy.   

Currently seeking a name.. New home has been found.  Here.  :) 

They meet..  So far .. so good.

He's quite the squeaky ball boy. 

 He wouldn't look right at the flashy thing.  I tried.

First bath ... not even a peep.  But ever so pathetic.

currently accepting name applications.  :)



  1. Hmm, what kind of names do you like? Beckett and Meadow (my doxies) are voting for Parker, Scooter, Trip (as in 3rd doxie) & Finn for the new pup's name. :-)

  2. I am just in love with him! He's precious! Look at that sweet little face in bath time. So cute! Mine would have clawed their way out of the tub before I could get a picture. He just looks so calm. :)