Monday, April 12, 2010

My first love....

No .. it's not a Dachsie..  I have to admit for the longest time my utter and complete passion was cats.  I collect .. no I hoard vintage cat things.  I love them, have them all over the house.  I adore kitties.    But there is one cat I adore above all. 

My Tigger.   My Mr. Puss who later became just plain ol' Mr. P., Tiggy or P. P.

My beloved orange ball of fluff and purring goodness.   Who was once the runt of the litter now holds the title of matriarch in our home.  It pains me to think that someday .. he will be gone.  No more warm orange fur spot in the sun.  No more insane mewling while looking for me at midnight or some other un-godly hour.   I try to stay on the positive side of it all.   But he's going to be 15 this year and it's been on my mind.

My Ginger cat..  How I do love you so. 
P was before marriage, before children ... My first love.  Now I watch him snuggle with my hubby and two girls.  It's a beautiful thing to see him so adored.

So I must share.. a moment of Mr. P's day.  How cooky my kitty is.   You can see why I love him so.

Being far from rich ... we use a tote to hold our firewood. It might not be pretty but it works.   It also works for spiking my curiosity and having to run and get the camera. 

There is something to be said for the old cat who can still hold a paw while fast asleep.

Up close and personal.   A look into a Ginger cats world. 
*snore purr purr snooore*


  1. How cute! My first love was also a cat. Her name was Willow. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. aw, what a sweet kitty! i can see why he's your first love!! :)