Monday, July 30, 2012

Air Meeshee

I LOVE to play toss with the Weens.  It's one of my favorite past times when the day has been overly long and I need to unwind.  Fortunately I have at least 3, sometimes 4 that way to play.  Mishka being the strongest in the game of fetch and return, we've taken to calling him Air Meeshee when we're tossing the Chuckit for him.  I was lucky enough to find this very awesome toy at the thrift store of all places, brand new for a whopping .99!

Enough of my blather.You get it. I like to play with the pups, toss the Chuckit and watch them zoom!! 


Slightly wild eyed here ; ) 


Do my ears make me look fat? 

Yep .. true air!  He's part Tigger don't ya know? 




Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work life

I feel very fortunate to have the jobs that I do.  Many people raise a brow and often do the double take of "huh" when I tell them what I do for a living.  I am a wife, a mother, I run my families brokerage website and from time to time.... I am a funeral directors assistant. 

Today I am playing the roll of working Momma at the Coquille funeral home today.   It's exceptionally peaceful here in Coquille as it's a very small town just a stones throw from the Oregon coast.  The sky out is incredible and my little someone happened to take notice of it when I had opened the front door for a little fresh air.  She tends to be pretty well behaved when she's with me at work, self absorbed in coloring books or dressing up her build a bear kitty, Sassy.  (yeah.. they make other things than bears, who knew??)  For quite some time I became rather oblivious myself reading stuff on the net when I heard a little peep at the front door about how pretty it was outside.  

I agreed with her and snapped a quick photo of her admiring the day.

Since I can't go too far from the phone (nope, portable is NOT an option here) I wandered out just past the porch to enjoy the sun and decided to snap another shot off.

I feel incredibly lucky that I can bring her to work with me once in a while.  :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First impressions can be totally wrong

a little retro rewind today as I was looking through older photos of mine. ; ) 

Remember the first time you ever saw your favorite little furries face?  Feeling the need to give Molly a playmate after fostering a little Corgi for a short time we found an ad for BeBe.  For me it was utter LOVE at first site,  Aaron wasn't so sure.  At that time we had no clue what Isabella coloring was and he thought he looked like an old dog.  (hardly!!)

Amazing how that all changed the moment he stepped out of the rig.  Have you ever seen what a grown 6'2" man looks like plopped on the ground cuddling a little dog?  Looks about like this.  Of course being the loving wife that I am I have to razz him from time to time about that "old" dog he nearly passed up.  If I remember right he had just turned 2. LOL

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Laundry Hell ... err Space

We live in what I like to call the proverbial shoe box. This house is approximately 960 sqft, on a 4,792 sqft lot built in 1925.  It has it's perks which include TONS of beautiful flowers that like to bloom at various times of the year. ( I've been told there was an avid gardener that owned it before our landlord bought it ), there is a decent size fenced in yard on the back and side of the house for the girls and Dach's to romp in safety, it's on a quiet street and for now .. it's simply home as tiny as it may be.  People who live in 1500-2000 sqft homes.. I envy you but I don't have to clean as many windows. HA!  ;)

But with tiny there is sacrifice.  There isn't the luxury of having 2 bathrooms. I can't go hide on the side of the tub and read a magazine in peace as we have the no camping rule.  Ha!  The girl's bedroom is small without a closet.  Yay for bunkbeds.  The place my hubby and I call our "desk space" is also shared by a bit of a pantry type closet, our washer and dryer and shelves I asked him to put in place to help with the storage issue for things I didn't want out in the garage in totes.  

Which brings me to the laundry "hell" as I call it.  I have a great hanging system in place.  Lovely shelf above that hubby hung up and thoughtfully chose the brackets that you can hang a dowel from.  Smart man!  It works great, I fold the foldables and hang the hangables ( yes totally not words but they made me smile )  It's a nice little system.  Each girl has their own hangers, Dad and I share the same ones.  My oldest knows which of hers to grab and put away.  ( Sort of the same system in their room since it's lacking a closet ) 

But when I turn around I see this ... UGH!!!

A complete cluster, a mess, a catch all on days when cleaning seems over rated.  It gets out of hand. There is no real system here.  Just clutter in my book.  

Today  .. I had an idea.  I had asked hubby to zip down to the post office and pick up some boxes as I've begun to part with some things.  They were closed for the night but their P.O. Box area is always open and usually they have a box space with different sizes for shipping.  Not realizing flat rate has gotten kinda scary that's what I asked him to get.  Oh well .. Useless pretty much except when the large box was sitting there on the washer I decided to fold it up and sit it on the shelf.  Hmmmmm ... 

3 large and 2 medium boxes
1 handy dandy Elmers glue stick nabbed from Zoe's art box
Roll of trusty packaging tape
5 sheets of 12 x 12 scrap booking paper 

and walla ... 


(excuse the boxes to the right, we're planning a garage sale.. that mess makes me NUTS!!)


Mini Mishka

A little retro Mishka for everyone's viewing pleasure.  I was sitting here this morning thinking about howbig he has gotten and decided to have an "awwwe" moment by watching some videos of his wee little self. I thought that you might enjoy one of those moments too.  :)

Happy viewing!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Be Happy ...

Who doesn't smile when they read the above? 
It just screams happiness and acceptance of the most important thing in this world.  You.  
Maybe it makes you think about the things you are unhappy with about yourself.  I see it as a little wake up call to make changes to myself so that I WILL be happy with myself.  :) 

Now ... if that doesn't make you smile.. then these little cutie pies will.  
They are modeling a Happy Hound Hat made by the wonderfully creative Kalyxcraftopia
We feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful friend in Baxter's Mommy!

My sweethearts were kind enough to pose for the camera.  
We REALLY need to practice having our photos taken more often.  
What can I say... Weens in progress ready to Party!!!!

Miss Molly






Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happiness is ... Canada Post

Little bits of happiness tend to happen when it's least expected and that's the best way to have it happen.  Lately we haven't had too much to be happy about here on the Oregon Coast.  A few life changing things have happened that we've had to adjust to but things are on the up and up I am happy to say.   Today helped make it just that much better.   Thank you Carol!!  :)

After giving Miss Molly her bath today and getting her nails done we were playing in the kitchen and I got such a sweet little pose of her.  It's VERY rare to get her royal hiney to sit still long enough let alone get a good snap of her face.  She always turns on me at the last second.  No flashy thing gets the Queens photo without at least some small offering.  


Well low and behold we decided to check the mailbox and on the porch there was a perfectly little box with Molly's name on it.  She was uber excited!  :)  ( so was I!!! )

Here she is modeling her pretty new dress.. 

She's saying thank you with those big pudding eyes of hers.  ;) 

"I really love my new sweatshirt, can I tell BeBe he can't steal it from me?" 


Molly's public thank you to our favorite Canadian fairy, Carol. 
She really was very excited to root around in the goodie box and was rather loud in her thanks there at the end of this last video.  :)    XoXoXo's!!!!