Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where's Shiloh?

Sitting on the lounger in the backyard doesn't happen without a lap full of weens.. Ever!  

 photo 2013-04-18_17-39-43_953_zps779b946f.jpg

Poor Shiloh .. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Beach Outing of 2013

When we take Mishka ( the only water lover ) with us to the beach we chose to go to the Triangular breakwater area close to the jetty where it's safe for Mishka  and the kidlets to play in the water yet still have the sand experience with ocean salty flavor tossed in.  :) It's usually warmer water and less windy too which is a plus for this Momma.   The weather in town was a lovely 68, or so the bank said.  In Winchester Bay I'd say it was MUCH colder with LOTS of wind.  It didn't stop my troop one bit tho...

Patience lost in 1. 2 ...3

 photo 2013-04-22_16-43-20_40_zps0fb5a118.jpg

Toss the chuck it Mommy ....  NOW NOW NOW 

 photo 2013-04-22_16-43-12_624_zpse211d778.jpg

What a happy boy.  I actually found a brand new chuck it floaty at the thrift store last year and it's been his pal. 
 photo 2013-04-22_16-43-52_610_zps44501221.jpg

But sadly we have to take it away or he will nom it to death.  He will also run and fetch over and over and over so ... another reason to put it away for a bit.
*please come out of the bucket and play with me* 
 photo 2013-04-22_16-45-05_218_zpsbba14dfc.jpg

Aaron and Zoe out in the waves looking for hermit crabs.

 photo 2013-04-22_16-46-18_417_zps556858a2.jpg

They were successful.  These things skeeve me!! 

 photo 2013-04-22_16-50-20_402_zps9e1682e0.jpg

Emma and Mishka working on building a castle.  

 photo 2013-04-22_16-46-43_501_zpsf9865b32.jpg

Zoe posing with a live ladybug she found.  This Mom didn't think to take an actual photo of the lil red beauty itself tho.  :) 

 photo 2013-04-22_17-34-19_666_zps70efc85f.jpg

Aaron & Emma playing in the sand.  

 photo 2013-04-22_17-34-31_633_zpsf45338c7.jpg

Thanks for peeking!  :) 

Friday, April 19, 2013

TOYS that drive the Weens NUTS

Yeah .. I am talking about those "educational" toys that make them think and work for their goodie. Burn a bit of calories so you can have the ultimate prize. The snackie within. 

Mishka and the much loved Holee Roller. 

It will last Mishka a good half hour or more. He will nudge it, roll it, pounce it, bark at it, whine at it, bed it to give up it's delish treat. Yeah he's gotta work for that inner goodness. 
 photo DSCN5240_zps9175e9d4.jpg 

Toby &  Kyjen's Paw Hide Puzzle.

 For this one I highly suggest doing it on the day you're going to trim their claws.  They need claws for this one.  When they have nubs it's SOOOO much harder.  Toby is the only one that will not give up on this challenge.  Mishka decided it was too hard and went back to the Holee Roller for his personal torture time. We just put kibbies in it and occasionally a kibby bomb .. aka kibby wrapped in cheese.  Dog heaven here!

 photo DSCN5217_zpsd5f282ff.jpg

 photo DSCN5230_zps9fff6aab.jpg

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunshine & Wagging Tails

A little sunshiny hello from the Oregon Coast today.  
Proof that we have not croaked ...  :)  

BeBe & Shiloh
 photo DSCN5251_zps5a78b8fe.jpg

BeBe .. .Mommy's boy as ever
 photo DSCN5252_zps1c8528ef.jpg

Shiloh ... always looking up. That's a great attitude to have!
 photo DSCN5253_zps0ab5430c.jpg

Miss Molly... this little girl is getting some sugar frosting around her chin.  This Mommy isn't liking it! 
 photo DSCN5258_zps88ab137c.jpg

Mishka ... the baby of the bunch and getting so big. 

 photo DSCN5267_zpsa0deda7f.jpg

Toby ... not shown because every photo I took was a blurry mess of him.  But he is in the vid below. 

Hope this note finds all my Dachshund friends well.  I know it's been a while.  I just needed a break from the bloggy world for a while.  I've been silently reading/lurking, etc.   <3 br="">