Friday, June 17, 2011

New Book Cont: Dachshund Coats, Colors & Patterns

So my book arrived yesterday much to my delight but I simply didn't have the time to sit down and page through it then so today was the day.

I was extremely pleased to find the book encased in bubble wrap upon opening the box.  I am one of those types that hates to have a new book with rumpled edges.  It was thinner than I had expected but don't let the thinness of the book fool you. The moment I opened the book ( typical me starting in the middle and flipping through ) I was utterly delighted at the amount of photos.  The photos alone right now make the book fantastic to me.   I haven't read it cover to cover yet but yes the photos are a big thing for me.  Call me a little kid but I like pictures.  Who doesn't?  I found that the book literally does cover everything it seems about the coats, colors and patterns.   For someone like me who has only seen photos on the internet of most Dachshunds it's very nice to have a guide to refer to on "what" those coats are called.  You can easily flip through and stop on a photo to know you're in the right spot to read about what you're looking for.  Visual reference is NICE! But enough of my "blathering"  How about some "visuals" of the book itself.



Like I said .. do not let the thinness fool you...

Wires.. who can resist how cute they are?  I've yet to meet one in real life but I'm dying to!

Can you believe that's the same dog in all 4 photos?  That made me go OOOOOH!  :)Photobucket


Dapples...  this is an area I truly would like to know more about as I have a double dapple who is blind.  My sweet Shiloh

The section where Color & Primary Pattern visuals starts, pg's 67-71 is great as well.  Once again very visual. Did I say I like visual?  I most certainly do.  :)

Why yes.. please confuse me.   I am sure though with time and reading I will begin to understand exactly what this all means.


Again if you're interested in picking up this wonderful book for yourself please follow the link to:  The Wienepedia
(if you decide to purchase the book please mention me, Sarah Sandberg.  I would ever so appreciate it.  :) )

New Book: Dachshund Coats, Colors, & Patterns

As most of my friends know I am an utter food nut when it comes to my Dachshunds but I have been starting to become more and more interested in the "why" behind the color variations ( since you all know my 6 pack is like skittles... every color of the rainbow )  and along came a wonderful little linky with such a thing...
A lovely new book with oodles of information on the very thing I'd like to learn about.

Dachshund Coats, Colors & Patterns is, in my thoughts, a dream come true.   My curiosity led me to e-mail the author about the book as I wanted to know which format it was in, hard or soft and how many pages.  A portion of her reply here:
The book is hardback and 88 pages long.  It covers everything under the sun - looks as well as genetics - relating to coat types, colors, patterns, and most all the mixes thereof that can or even might be found in dachshunds.  It's based on grounded historical information as well as the latest research that's out there.
 That's all it took.  Hardback and over 30 pages.  I'm sold.   :)

Full of explanations about the many coat types, colors, and patterns that can be found in dachshunds and other breeds.  Includes a slew of photographs as well as drawings, graphical charts, and other charts.  The information is applicable to just about every dog breed and can be utilized when making sound breeding decisions.  It also makes for a great coffee table piece and conversation starter for those who simply enjoy dachshunds and all the colors they come in.  There is no modern book like this on the market for man's best friend!

Take a peek of the photos!  ( used with permission from: Facebook Page: The Wienepedia)


To purchase this book:  The Wienepedia  
(if you decide to purchase the book please mention me, Sarah Sandberg.  I would ever so appreciate it.  :) )

It arrived yesterday....  :)
So ... I'll be checking it out and let ya all know what I think of it k? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have you ever?

Wanted to say how you really felt but didn't.

I feel like that often over things I can not change.
Not family or home life.  Those I can happily say are peaceful times I wouldn't change for the world.

But things around me, people and so on.  Yeah ... they irk me.  Some of what I might type in here might seem offensive to anyone who reads this and I openly say if it "may" offend you then look away. 

Now I tend to keep quiet because I find that confrontational behavior makes people pout and dislike you because you don't agree with them. In fact they tend to get rather butt hurt if you don't like the way they doing something, look or their choice on the menu that evening.

Sometimes I just want to say to the world.  Why don't you bugger off and just let me do my own "thang".

I want to tell someone that makes insulting little "comments" to go stuff themselves because *gasp* life isn't perfect and money doesn't fix everything. 

I want to tell all the political fanatics to to stuff their ideas back up where the sun doesn't shine because truly I get tired of seeing everyone's "opinions" on how things should be run in the world.  Instead of having an opinion and bitching about it... TRY to do something about it.

To the kind and gentle religious what evers that have been to my door for the millionth time this month and last. YES I believe in GOD and NO I have no desire to join your religion.  Please just listen to what I have to say when I say "No come back now ya hear?" and LEAVE me alone.  Thanks much!
( oh blasphemy eh? )

To the people that have walked out of my life I have a special "Fuck Off" for you. Please quit trying to friend me on Facebook, Myspace, find my e-mail or phone number off the internet.  I have nothing to say to any of you other than. We're not friends, we shall never be friends and I have no real interest in hearing about what's going on in your world when you never gave a rats ass about mine honestly to begin with.

To the people that can't seem to understand what manners are when in a public place.  Seriously?  How hard was it to walk past that elderly woman who obviously needed a little hand getting through that "manual" door.  I am glad I was there for her when you were so oblivious.

For every person who becomes impatient in a grocery store line.  SHAME on you.  The store is there as a convenience for you not a "right" So what if the 7 year old in front of you has nothing but change to give.  Don't you remember buying your first bits of naughty candy?  Don't ruin the experience by bitching out loud about how long it's taking.   Also ... remember that cashiers are human beings just like yourself.  That they have most likely been standing there checking out "product" all day and they are tired.  How hard is it ... really.. to just ask .. How is your day?  ( you know you're the 100th' person they've asked that very question most likely... be first for once and actually listen to their answer )

To those people that do not have children and chose to make wise cracks about people that do have children.  Spend a week in my shoes and you will see why sometimes I sometimes chose to do things the way I do.  To childless people who think they know it all.  You're rather wrong.
But....  I do agree that parents should be held accountable for their children's actions.  100%.

I have tons to say .. so much more .. but for now I'll just let this ride it's wave...  because I have a treat postie to work on for later..

Back to the regular Jibberish I blather about now...  :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vintage Dachsie Goodness

YIPPIE!!! That's all I'm saying about this squat lil long dog.  He takes mini to a whole new level with his short length.

Now what I want to know is ... what was he for?  He's just too dinky to be much of anything.  Pen holder? Nope, the hole is too short.  Cactus? Nope the hole isn't deep enough.   Pinky stuffer in'er.  So far that's what he's been good for.

You tell me?   :)


Monday, June 6, 2011

Shamless Solicitations

Utterly shameless..  Mishka enjoying tummy lovings when he was a wee little bit of a pup.   :) 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sin Dawg

Om nom noms wrapped in a devilishly cute bag of Ween goodness!




Now just think the ulimate cinnie roll with raisin and molasses goodness covered in lovely seed bits ( sesame, Sunflower & pumpkin.  DELISH I tell you delish!  Just holding the package up to your nose gives you an idea of how much your taste buds are going to cry out with joy.  Yes pure squee for the mouf! 

Dave's Killer Bread is awesome and organic too for those that love organic things.  :)