Friday, February 18, 2011

Molly asks for some prayers please ???

HUGE freakin sigh here.  I just finished stuffing my face with some sympathy McDonalds because I'm stressing out a wee bit.  On the 16th, my Birthday, we got home, Aaron let the babes out to potty while I took a shower.  He wandered into the bathroom and was asking me is Molly ok.  "why?"   Well she was crying at the back door to come in and then crying at the garage door to come in.  ( they go out through the garage to the outside door to potty, back into the garage on a little indoor outdoor carpetted area to have 5-10 minutes of paw dry off time then back into the house through the house/garage door )  He said he picked her up and she cried a bit.  So I finished my shower and as I dried off I said put her in front of me.  I did and she was rather timid.  I know she got in trouble by Aaron for not going out like she should and he picked her up by the scruff ( which PISSES me off to no end ... we had a lengthy talk about it  ) so I figured she was being coy as she got into trouble but either way I decided to crate her until I could read up a bit more.  Got dressed, fed then crated her on her own as they usually camp out in a pile in the big crate at night. 

Tried doing the potty in the backyard on a leash thing.  She wouldn't do it so I unleashed her and let her do her thing.  Pee's n poops just fine but that head is still cocked sideways.  Now she's had little ear aches here and there.  It's raining and yuck so from what I have read and what the vet even said today it's a hound thing.   Well this morning she whimpered and cried while she was eating.  So I called the vet.  Went in at 10:20. 

Checked her out, said she was lovely. *prideful face*  Said both her ears look good, one is a bit more pinkish than the other and said he didn't "think" it was her ear but said that I could most likely just give her 1/2 baby aspirin, well then I thought about the eating/food/whine and he said oh?  So he walked around the table a couple of times and of course Miss Curious tried to watch him but she was keeping her head crooked to one side.  So now he is thinking it could be her neck.

 He said for the time being to keep her settled with crate rest, changed the aspirin to Dexamethasone (Anti-inflamammatory 5mg) twice daily for a week, and to call him if any changes for the worse. I mentined IVDD and he said that yes they are prone to it but he's really feeling at this point that she may have pulled a muscle.  I thought about things for a moment and rather embarrassingly admitted that she was having "quite the hump fest" last week.  I have never seen such a naughty wee thing.  She was a wild woman last week.  He of course laughed and said "maybe"    This is my second experience with Dr. Osburn and I felt extremely pleased just being in his presence.  He even whipped a few books down and showed me other little things they can have issues with that I didn't know.  I wish I could have snagged the book.  : )

So there tis.. Molly is on crate rest, refuses to look at me, I've made her a little rice filled sock lovie to nuke in the microwave which she is loving greatly, I have been hunting for one of the little kongs so I can make a frozen om nom nom for her but Kai .. my beloved wee one has hidden them both well.  Argh!!

Any other low fat suggestions would be wonderful.   Molly is NOW at her ideal weight as well.  WOO!!!!  11.07  He said that was excellent for her.  We've worked so hard to thin her royal stockiness down but hey when Rome isn't built in a day I didn't want to tear it down in a day. 

refusing to speak to me. 

stinkasaurus eye...

for those on DBB this is a double postie..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blankie Goodness

Sometimes ... in life we just luck out.   

I'd like to think that Toby feels lucky to be part of the Ween family we've got going on.  I'd like to think that he realizes that Mommy went out of her way to make sure he had a matching bowl like the others,  that he is snuggled and adored upon as much as possible.  That we care enough to make sure he has good kibbie to eat, treats to nibble ( although maybe he thinks I'm mean there since he's on a wee diet ), fresh water to lap up and toys to destroy.   He's got new friends to romp and rough house with that understand the meaning of being a low rider.  

But recently.. and I've been a few days late in posting this..  we do luck out.  

Toby would like to say a big THANK YOU to Miss Amy and Zach for sharing a wonderful blankie with him.  

OmmmAGoossh is dis my name?  I can't read...

I shall work my magic look on you .. 

Can you tell Mommy has a tweeatt? 

Pweaassee how I so want dat treat... 

Photo bomber attacks.. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday mumblings...

Toby has integrated himself nicely. Going from a one dog home into a four dog home and taking his place as #5.  He has also learned that when you're the 5th dog you have to learn something called.. Seniority. 

Toby questions just how wonderful a forever home really is when he has to sleep sitting upright.

This is pretty much what he thinks of seniority. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Tailercise Adventure

Ladies and Gents..
Do you have chubby tubby Doxie woes? Is your little snausage looking more like a bratwurst? Does your chubby lumpkins grunt n groan, snore in their sleep or fart excessively?

Then you need ...

We play funky music to get that dachsie butt a movin and a groovin first thing in the morning. Weenie "butt" camp if you will!!! Best of all. It's free to awesome members such as yourselves!

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