Friday, April 9, 2010

About a boy....

As you rest in my lap I pet your baby fine fur.   I feel you shiver off and on.  You need a blankie.   I can't wait.  Next week I get to go up to the "big" city to watch my nephew for a few days and I promise.  Mommy will bring you back some warm things.

Nothing like going to a bigger city where you just KNOW you will find something.   The last time I was up visiting I stopped at the local Goodwill there and WOW I picked up a rake and poop scoop for 6 bucks.  Those things are usually like 20+ and it was brand new.  The things that people buy and then donate.  I LOVE them because their donations make my life a bit easier.  I think there is a big pet store up in Sherwood so it will be my stop before coming home.  Ahh .. Thurs-Sun of not being at home with my furkids or hubby.  I might just go mad.  But I love spending time with my nephew so it's a good trade off.  He has a German Shepard and a Doberman so I will get my fix of the larger variety.   Can't wait.  Oh yes and that joy of the large pet store.. I think I mentioned that.  Ha!!

What.. is not to love about these feet?   Nothing I say.   I love them so much they make me want to cry sometimes because they are attached to the most needy, emotionally attached to his Momma puppy ever.  They smell heavenly when roasted for 30 minutes under a soft blankie.  Lift and snif... Ahh frito feet.

My question of the day...

When is the last time you looked towards the sun with a kaleidoscope? 
It had been years for me.  I found a beautiful pewter kaleidoscope some time back at the thrift store and showed my little girls the delights of what a little broken glass and light can do for the soul.


  1. In my next life im coming back as your dachie xxxx Major

  2. Well, we don't even have one but now, WE WANT ONE MOMMY!!! That's awesome! And what a pretty furr coat you have!

    Riley and Star.

  3. hee - a mommy in love with her boy! I love the way doxie feet smell too! :)

  4. Woof! Woof! More Woofs! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar