Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday ... with words.

I see so many blogs that show wordless Wednesday and have many a time thought I should do that.  
But wordless..  me?  I simply can't.   A photo is worth a thousand words .. if not at least.. captions?

So I wonder ... if anyone would like to give my photos captions.   I always get a kick out of what comes to other people's mind when they see something.




Monday, April 26, 2010


Tonight under unfortunate circumstances I met a chubby tweenie named Charlie.  You see I work for a funeral home and we had a call.   The lady was able to pass away in her home with her family surrounding her.  Her hospital bed situated next to a large bay window that overlooked what I would call .. a park.  ( yes her yard ) It was beautiful.   I always find myself appreciating people who can make this happen for their loved ones.   I didn't know at the time that Charlie was in the home but I had a nice feeling when we pulled up.  Dox Cab was on a lovely older Cadillac.  Even in death I try to find things to smile about.  It makes it easier. 

One in particular stays on my mind this evening.  Charlie.   He looked like a red smooth brindle in color.   His "furless" sisters both noted that he had not wagged his tail in weeks but upon seeing me his lil hiney was going like there was no tomorrow.   He even looked over to the window and barked.   They just stood there looking at him in amazement.  It was the most he'd done in weeks .. they said again.   I thought to myself..  Well Charlie knows.. he's telling her goodbye.  I bent to pet him while my director spoke with the family.  He was solid dachshund goodness with an ever curious snif.   I wondered what would become of him and struck up a conversation about Dachshunds with his furless brother.  " I have 3 of them myself.. he must know that since he's just wagging away "   "oh... he said  .. I have 2 black & tans"  the conversation went on to chat about Doxies a bit more and my heart felt at ease knowing there would be a home for Charlie.    As I went to help fetch the cot from the van Charlie was right along side.. More remarks about how active he suddenly was ..  He was helping I said.  Such a sweet elder gentleman he was too.  

One last pat on the head and I said goodbye to sweet Charlie. 

The service will be Saturday.  I wonder if Charlie will be there.  It seems only fitting that he should be.   I can tell she loved him well.  Faithful til the end.  Barking his goodbye at the most proper moment and trying to let everyone know around him that it's ok she's in a good place with God. 

Charlie.. this one is for you.   A bittersweet twist.   We usually say goodbye to our furlings but how do our furlinds feel when they have to say goodbye to us all too soon. 


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Officially our boy!

Nothing says forever to me like a name tag and a collar.  It's like a wedding certificate.  You may not "need" it at heart but it just cements things. 

Kai is official tonight.   Even though I'm sickies I made the pilgrimage (via Aaron driving ) to town to pick out his first puppy collar, had his lil blue bone engraved Kai Sandberg with our # on it.  I felt all mooshy watching the name appear while the machine did it's magic.  I'd love to have one of those things.  I'd be stuffing all sorts of things in it to engrave.  

Now .. trying to get a puppy to sit still for show off picture time.
NEXT to impossible.   But I got a few cute shots to share of our "official" moment.  Nomz in hand, he figured out towards the end that sitting pretty get's a yummy.   So here he is in all his puppish glory.  From the wrinkly chin shot to the tongue on display.  He's looking rather cute in his little man dog jewelry.  :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Freaky Friday ....

The title says it all.  We've got play, violence and a little passion.   

Starring Molly, BeBe & Wild Man Kai ...  video taken .. yesterday ...first true round of play caught on film ... 

Please ignore the giggling idiot aka me.  

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Furbulous Giveaway!!! :)

What can I say .. I'm a sucker for awesome home mades and this just happens to be my possble lucky day.  Maybe yours as well for all those who read.  ( holy cow.. my desk is right next to my clothing washer and it's in spin cycle... everything is blurry .. lol ) 

So anyhoo ... The MilShelb is doing a fun little giveaway of handmade collars.  Who can beat hand made. Nothing like the care put into something that was made out of love for the furry kind huh?  :) 

So I'm having fun and doing my part to enter.  Everyone else check out the sweet little blog and do your part.  May the best furries win!  :)

Mommy's ala Sarah's top 5:
  1. Dachsies ... no ifs ands or .. well I do love their lil butts. Ha. 
  2. Kitties.. what can't leave the fursibs out now can I? 
  3. Antiques..  vintage cats and now starting to hunt for the elusive Dach's as well
  4. My children.. without them I wouldn't have the awesome title of .. Mommy.  
  5. My hubby.  He is my everything and more. 
Molly's top 5:
  1. Without a doubt.  BeBe ... he's her favorite beat em' up chewy toy. 
  2. Ducky ... she has a fetish for the lil yellow sqeauky guy
  3. Zukes Berry treats.  lil piggy
  4. to bark like MAD at air particles, passers by and her own toots. Ha
  5. lazing in the hot sunbeam God so kindly shines through the window.. just for her.. she thinks. 
BeBe's top 5:
  1. Mommy... anytime .. anywhere.  
  2. Car rides.. "Did someone say ByeBye?" 
  3. A patch of fresh dug earth .. thanks Molly this dirt is Nomz! 
  4. Wadded up paper..  lil turkey can shred better than the paper shredder ever dreamed of. 
  5. The new bed that Grammy bought em. 
Kai's top 5:
So far this is still a new one so I'll go with what I have learned in the past few days.  :)
  1. Anything that squeaks.  Oh my what joy! 
  2. The Carob cookies from PetCo.  Oh what heaven he never knew existed. 
  3. The girls having bath time.  Just WHAT are they doing in there.  He has to know.
  4. Snuggle time on my neck or head.  This new soft warm loving place just has to be right huh?
  5. Zoe.. my gosh I've never seen a lil tail zoom back n forth so fast!  

Emma approves of this message .. giving it one Raspberry ... thhhpft..   :) 

Kai's Story

Well I had to opportunity to watch my nephew while Dad was in CA for a conference. So I was up closer to Portland. Perfection I could put my plan into action. I contacted the rescue here in Oregon and was pretty much shot down. The rescue here would not place a Dach into a 2 Dach home. It made me mad but it's not my choice who they give and don't give to. Oh well. I contacted shelters and no one seemed to have the perfect match. So I ended up looking at CL and found a few on there that looked like they needed a good furever home. I called on several only to hear "oh they've been rehomed" I left a msg with one and had by the end of the day written it off. God wasn't ready for us to add a third.

Well then the phone call came. Yes he still had the pup and yes I could come view him. So I made the drive with a bit of an excited heart. Who wouldn't be huh?

I arrived. The house was beautiful, manicured lawn and garden areas, 3 nice rigs and the fellow was out under his truck working on something. He led me to the garage ( first red flag ) and punched in a # to open the garage. ( I still find the number doors neat .. a few of my friends have them on their homes.. haha ) I followed him in to find a somewhat hashed together pen full of pine shaving, that's where the dogs go to potty he said.. I saw beds lining the row. They sleep there he pointed, except for my girls they stay in the house with me. My skin is crawling at this point. What have I gotten myself into as he stuffs a beautiful 7 yr long hair "retiring for sale stud" into my arms. Then he takes him from me and stuffs another "retiring for sale stud" into my arms.. this one is an Isabella. He's talking non-stop and I'm just ... dumb ( nothing new it seems ) then I asked him could I see them all play in the backyard? He says sure sure and takes me through the house ( spotless ) and I see two beautiful dams inside. He tells me the one has to stay inside for a few because she may nip. Eventually they all get to come out. I am utterly overwhelmed by these beautiful faces. Then I see the chocolate dam's claws up close she was the first to jump up at me. Curved over/under like talons. My gut drops. I even asked him and he says.. Oh she's so hard to clip I do them here and there. ( in my mind here and there will have them much shorter than they are now )

So he's rambling on and on and on. I see a few chocolate pups like the one I saw in the picture not sure who is who and decided to ask about the retiring males. We wanted a boy and older. I couldn't touch either of them with a 10 foot poll in price. I would have loved to have brought the LH home. He was white with black. So I sit there trying to decide ... do I take one or just walk away. My mind says don't do it you will be supporting what you hate the most and my heart is saying don't leave without one, save one. I was just taking it all in, petting them all, telling them all how good and beautiful they were. Not knowing if they ever got affection or attention like that. I decided to go with one of the chocolate pups. They had had "bad reactions" to shots and had some fur loss so they were "cheaper" he said to me. I chose the runty guy that was being picked on.

So I signed my heart away for this little boy. He was shaking in my arms. I wonder how often he had been held. I kept looking at the others feeling my heart sink knowing I had no way to take them all. How do you walk away from something you know isn't right? He gave me a crate, a blankie the pup slept on, some shot record and off I started to go when I moved too quickly tho they all started to bark ...

and then .. I heard the bark I know so closely to my own heart. BeBe's bark. I stopped and asked him if he by chance knew the lady that I had gotten BeBe from. Why yes .. yes he did. I told him BeBe's "recorded" name and he pointed to the Isabella and to a LH choc Female and said why those are his parents. I was bringing home a brother. . from a different mother tho. My heart sank knowing I was walking away from not only these beautiful babies but family.

My tale becomes bittersweet.

During our prior conversation of the Pup's Mom as I had pointed to a chocolate Dam and said he has a pretty Mother.. Oh no he says.. His Dam died during puppy birth. One was stuck. I pretty much went silent after that with an "oh"

So we brought him home... At first he was No Name... until I found the named Kai...

Kai means Beautiful in South African... his Dam was beautiful so it's a tribute to her.. In Welsh and Scadinavian it means Keeper of the Keys ( he has the keys to our hearts ) and Earth .. his fur is such a rich earthy color. And in Hawaiian it means Sea. We love the sea, live close to it and during the summer are almost always there.

So that's our story of Kai. I may have supported something I so hate but in doing so I brought one into a world of love. He will be fixed. He will never know greed and will be spoiled like our other two.

Kai was whelped 12-05-09 so he is 4 months going on 5. I did talk to a few of you already about him and where he came from and by suggestion he has had a 5way shot and is home bound until the 3rd of next month. He bathes well, allowed me to not only take little clips from his nails but also let me get the dremel close and touch them. BeBe and Molly for the most part have allowed him into their world but he likes to hump so he's been nipped a few times. Nothing bad just some warning shots as I call them. So far only two tinkle accidents in the house but I have been taking him out every 30 mins. As I know nothing about puppy food and I admit that I have him eating Halo Puppy food. If you have a suggestion about puppy food please PM me as I'd rather this not turn into a food war post. LOL

So ... enough of my typing.

Please enjoy the little face behind the story... 

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Monday, April 19, 2010

Somethings .. old and one thing new.

So my recent trip to Sherwood, OR left me with free time both Thursday and Friday while I waited for the nephew to get out of school.    What else to do than play with my phones interesting little google maps application.  Ahh the joy of GPS to lead you right to the candy shop of all candy shops.  The Antique store.  I saw so many things I want but couldn't touch with a ten foot pole for pricing but 3 caught my eye.  
I wonder why?
  • Mr. Made out of what appears to be flexible cutting board material lamp.  He was interesting but not $75 dollars worth of interesting.  
  • A beautiful chalk ware piece that I totally drooled over for only $175.  Ahh I could dream but I knew it wasn't meant to be with my budget.  He was begging me too... 
  • He could be a planter or in my case I would have used him for a ring holder.  He was so temping, I picked him up.  Oooh only $25 now we might be getting somewhere and then I saw the nasty little hairline crack when I turned him just so in the light.   You can pick them up on eBay for sometimes less than 15 and that's with shipping included. 
 So in all my thrift and Antique shop meandering I brought not ONE thing home from any of them.  But.... *drum roll.... I did hunt on craigslist.   I mean heck bigger cities have so many interesting things than podunk ville U.S.A. here does.

Oh my GOSH ...

the ad..

Darling dachshund 4-piece serving (tidbit) dish

Apr 16, 2010 ... (Especially for that dachshund-- weiner dog-- fancier!!) 4 piece nuts pretzels candy ??? serving dish. Nice vintage shape! 503-9-------- - 11 hours ago

So only 11 hours ago.  Yeah it was so totally gone to me but heck the ad was still up.  I called.  Yeah I drove 20 minutes, spent $10 and I was in heaven.  In my budget, close by and we all enjoyed the ride.  Portland, OR is lovely when you're traveling through some of the beautiful neighborhoods. 


Oh but it gets even better.  Remember.. somethings old... and one thing new. 

Meet... No Name ... currently under investigation for personality to bloom and show it's true colors.  His story for me is a very hard one to tell so I will leave it for now as lesson learned the extreme hard way.  He was born 12-05-09.  His Dam died during the birth process ( that tells you the care eh? ) and I found out he is related to my precious BeBe.  They are brothers.   He is underweight but other than that is healthy.   

Currently seeking a name.. New home has been found.  Here.  :) 

They meet..  So far .. so good.

He's quite the squeaky ball boy. 

 He wouldn't look right at the flashy thing.  I tried.

First bath ... not even a peep.  But ever so pathetic.

currently accepting name applications.  :)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little peek into my world.

motion picture style.   Starring.... Actresses  Molly & Emma with Co-Star BeBe

Sunshine Daydreams and other things...

What a totally and completely listless day I am having.  Nothing comes to mind.  I am just utterly blah.  
So I share photos.  Last night didn't see a post.  I have given up on the 30 posts in 30 days thing.  Sometimes I simply have nothing to say so why put useless blather up that no one will enjoy?   I believe I am having a slight bout of depression.   Facing so many things in my life right now and feeling somewhat overwhelmed by it all. 

Thank goodness I have my two Daches to see me through it with licks, tail wiggles and snuggling, my hubby and my two furless loves as well.   It will get better and life will go on.  It just has to.  

I will be gone for 4 days so I don't know if I will have access to a computer to share postings and pictures.  I .. unlike the rest of the world...  do not own a laptop. 

So ... to everyone that follows this ( wow 21? Thank you that does make me feel rather special ) and to those who just might happen to stumble upon it.   I wish you all a beautiful and very blessed weekend. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

My first love....

No .. it's not a Dachsie..  I have to admit for the longest time my utter and complete passion was cats.  I collect .. no I hoard vintage cat things.  I love them, have them all over the house.  I adore kitties.    But there is one cat I adore above all. 

My Tigger.   My Mr. Puss who later became just plain ol' Mr. P., Tiggy or P. P.

My beloved orange ball of fluff and purring goodness.   Who was once the runt of the litter now holds the title of matriarch in our home.  It pains me to think that someday .. he will be gone.  No more warm orange fur spot in the sun.  No more insane mewling while looking for me at midnight or some other un-godly hour.   I try to stay on the positive side of it all.   But he's going to be 15 this year and it's been on my mind.

My Ginger cat..  How I do love you so. 
P was before marriage, before children ... My first love.  Now I watch him snuggle with my hubby and two girls.  It's a beautiful thing to see him so adored.

So I must share.. a moment of Mr. P's day.  How cooky my kitty is.   You can see why I love him so.

Being far from rich ... we use a tote to hold our firewood. It might not be pretty but it works.   It also works for spiking my curiosity and having to run and get the camera. 

There is something to be said for the old cat who can still hold a paw while fast asleep.

Up close and personal.   A look into a Ginger cats world. 
*snore purr purr snooore*

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The joys of digital....

I have a simple addiction.  Besides my two furloves.. I LOVE to take pictures
I take pictures of anything and everything.  Though you will mostly just see my Dachsie's here I may on occasion post other things that tickle my fancy during the day.  :)

lately... it's been Molly.   
I've been having such guilt over the whole favoritism thing that I have been really trying to show her much mucccch more attention.  My choice of attention weapon.  The flashy thing.   Molly usually blinks when the flashy thing appears.  She knows at any moment it will attack.   Click flash click ...*Mom fiddles with the settings on the flashy thing*   Chirpity chirp sound  *Molly...  Huh what was that*   FLASH. ..  

I find that the bird chirp instead of the shutter sound tends to get her attention MUCH better.  :)  
So to my first Dach love.. Molly.. my licky nose, souful eyed lil red-brown dog.   
Mommy does love you...don't worry... 
there will always be Noms & kisses. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

About a boy....

As you rest in my lap I pet your baby fine fur.   I feel you shiver off and on.  You need a blankie.   I can't wait.  Next week I get to go up to the "big" city to watch my nephew for a few days and I promise.  Mommy will bring you back some warm things.

Nothing like going to a bigger city where you just KNOW you will find something.   The last time I was up visiting I stopped at the local Goodwill there and WOW I picked up a rake and poop scoop for 6 bucks.  Those things are usually like 20+ and it was brand new.  The things that people buy and then donate.  I LOVE them because their donations make my life a bit easier.  I think there is a big pet store up in Sherwood so it will be my stop before coming home.  Ahh .. Thurs-Sun of not being at home with my furkids or hubby.  I might just go mad.  But I love spending time with my nephew so it's a good trade off.  He has a German Shepard and a Doberman so I will get my fix of the larger variety.   Can't wait.  Oh yes and that joy of the large pet store.. I think I mentioned that.  Ha!!

What.. is not to love about these feet?   Nothing I say.   I love them so much they make me want to cry sometimes because they are attached to the most needy, emotionally attached to his Momma puppy ever.  They smell heavenly when roasted for 30 minutes under a soft blankie.  Lift and snif... Ahh frito feet.

My question of the day...

When is the last time you looked towards the sun with a kaleidoscope? 
It had been years for me.  I found a beautiful pewter kaleidoscope some time back at the thrift store and showed my little girls the delights of what a little broken glass and light can do for the soul.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just photos....

A trip to the hardware store just over a year ago .... hmms..
  • Little homeless kitten:  Check
  • Paint roller: Check
  • Holding you up in the door window frame and knocking on the door: Check
  • Aaron saying... that better not be a cat: Check
  • Aaron opening the door, scooping you from my arms and saying.. dammit it would be a kitten: 
We love you something fierce Abby. 

Sophia LaMewen 
( for Sophia Loren ) 
Beautiful Sophie.. With the teeny meow.  Utterly shy and completely sweet. 
Savage nibbler of treat treats. 

What entry would be complete without my two little loves?  Molly & BeBe decided to grace me with some photo time this afternoon.   Or perhaps it was the bribe of Noms to sit .. somewhat still. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have to say I love love LOVE this lil toy that I picked up for Molly & BeBe at Ross of all places.  I find some of the cutest toys there for dirt cheep. 

A lil video of Molly enjoying her toy.    Oh and for those that don't know.  Molly recently was spayed hence the shaved tummy and has healed amazingly well.  A teeny scar is all the remains.  I just hope her fur decides to grow back one of these days.  

Mixed it up

So this afternoon out of sheer boredom and the fact that I was just NOT happy with how the blog looked,  I decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about it.  ( was that a run on or what? ) 

I'm much happier with what I've partially made instead of entirely using a pre-created notion.I made the background myself but the corner image is one of a million or so it seems that I found some while ago on the net.   I can't give credit where credit is due for the lil Dashing Dach and his two sleek kitties but thank you to who ever posted it out there.  It's awesome.   

I also prefer seeing both of my beloved Dach's faces instead of seeing them lazy bones, yin yang, snoozing.  No fun in that.  Tho it was pretty cute.  

So I'm asking my fellow hooman's out there what do you think?   Easy on the eyes or needs more tweaking? 

Your thoughts are always appreciated and I am starting to look forward to them now each time I bring the blog up to write a little more yackity smack.  :) 

Molly & BeBe thank you much. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am always in awe when I watch how loving my littlest furless one is towards the Dachsies.   She knows these furry beasties are not toys.  She doesn't tug ears and tails.  Though sometimes she gets a lil excited and tends to screech around them.  It's fair.. they bark at her when she gets cooky.

But today .. I caught a moment of "kissez" as Emma calls them.   I love my lil girl.

Ms. Molly.  Adventurer.  BoBo enthusiast.  
Barky Butt. 

Have BoBo... Will Play.   
Innocently sitting at her feet playing possum... 
praying she would keep going after her moment of brief pause during wild zoomies...
only to be attacked viciously. 
Fellow BoBo's could only watch in horror from the toy box. 
Photos too alarming and very blurry to share. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

All for BeBe

I have come to the very naughty realization that I favor a little someone in my home.  I wonder how many other Dach Moms do and  try to deny it?  It's been something I've noticed since day one with BeBe.  Hubby tends to spoil Ms Molly and I baby the BeBe.   So I guess in a way it's ok.  They get love all around from both of us and extra attention in different ways.   It was just needing to admit that I coddle my pookie tanookie bear something fierce.   I am always hunting for t-shirts for him to wear and sadly having not much luck.   He's sporting a cute skull one I found at Ross of all places.  I even haunt thrift stores hoping to find a good pre-loved one.

No Petco's, no Petsmart's.   I don't really like to order online because I really want to feel the type of material I am going to buy before making a purchase.  Paper thin doesn't cut it for me.  Been there, got burned, wont be doing it again any time soon.

It makes me nuts.  Since he's an Isabella he has very thin fur and he's always shivering.  While that makes for LOTS of snuggle and cuddle time which I do love it also makes for frustration.  I have been able to find a few sweaters but they bunch up oddly or his poor leg slips through causing major play malfunction in the middle of a good BoBo chase.  Suddenly the 3 legged Doxie appears and he's not sure how to manage.  It's a fast sinking ship without a paw landing in the correct place.

So for now it's baby blankies out of the dryer ( yes he's that spoiled ) and snuggling with sister when I don't have a moment to sit with him.


Well enough of that blather.  I need to make a real point here .. his t-shirt in the photo just got me rambling.

BeBe.. what you are to me.

  • My constant love bug companion.  
  • My cold nose in the palm of my hand when the world feels like it's closing in.
  • My ever eager let's go for a walk weight loss buddy. 
  • My lil ball of snuggly goodness when I'm feeling sad. 
  • My Co-chef in the kitchen
  • My lil sugar cube..  No BeBe the rain wont melt you now go pee dang it! 
  • My toe heater when the bed is chilly... ahhh nothing beats your warmth. 
  • My make Daddy jealous weapon when he wants to snuggle and I only want you.  hehe :) 
  • My howler.  Gawd I love it when you howl.  Makes me cry your lil trembling chin is so cute!!
The list goes on and on..  But I might make some people gag about how attached I am to my pookie tanookie bear!  :)

Much love to all that take the time to read.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Emma's Second Birthday

Happy Second Birthday Emma!     Yippy YAY!!!
Emma is 2.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time.
It does truly go by so fast.

You must never touch the cake with your finnies until you have sampled it with your face.
Nom nom noM!

After decided that the cake was indeed good stuff she felt the need to put it in as far as it would go for maximum taste.   Oh Emma! 
Fresh from her bath as we had to tidy up the cake eating monster. 
I wish I could have snapped the camera a little faster.  The facial expression she had prior to this moment was priceless.   She yelled out Molly when she saw what was in the paper. 

How to tell when your Dad really loves you?  When he allows your doggies on his lap. 
My Dad does not like Doxies.  I guess when he was little he was chased and bit by one.  It left a lasting impression.  So what does my lovely Isabella boy BeBe do?  He nipped him one evening when my Dad had brought something over for me.  Ugh.   Looks like they are making peace quite well.   
I love my Daddy & my Dachsies!

After everyone goes home, the girls are in bed and it's just Aaron, myself and the furkids in the livingroom.  
BeBe .... I's so tired Mommi...

Ahhh ... BeBe makes a good pillow Mommi. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today may or may not see an "actual" posting.  We are celebrating Molly n BeBe's furless sister Emma's birthday today.  Her actual birthday was March 31st ( yesterday ) but we wanted to enjoy pizza for her birthday which she loves and dag nabbit the cheese sticks are free on Thursday.   But to make sure that I keep my goal of 30 posts in 30 days I felt I should make effort to pop on here before everyone showed up.  :)  

I will be sharing pictures of her royal hiney later this evening.  :)   XoXo! 

~*~ Emma Louise is 2. ~*~