Sunday, April 11, 2010

The joys of digital....

I have a simple addiction.  Besides my two furloves.. I LOVE to take pictures
I take pictures of anything and everything.  Though you will mostly just see my Dachsie's here I may on occasion post other things that tickle my fancy during the day.  :)

lately... it's been Molly.   
I've been having such guilt over the whole favoritism thing that I have been really trying to show her much mucccch more attention.  My choice of attention weapon.  The flashy thing.   Molly usually blinks when the flashy thing appears.  She knows at any moment it will attack.   Click flash click ...*Mom fiddles with the settings on the flashy thing*   Chirpity chirp sound  *Molly...  Huh what was that*   FLASH. ..  

I find that the bird chirp instead of the shutter sound tends to get her attention MUCH better.  :)  
So to my first Dach love.. Molly.. my licky nose, souful eyed lil red-brown dog.   
Mommy does love you...don't worry... 
there will always be Noms & kisses. 


  1. I love to take pictures of Milly and Shelby, too! I just love catching their different expressions. I loves the ones of Molly and her blue toy. MilShelb used to have one of those... but they killed it.

  2. You are just precious Molly! Love the pix!

    Thank you for visiting our blog! We love to meet new friends!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  3. Ahhh cute photos, love doxie's at play! :)