Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have to say I love love LOVE this lil toy that I picked up for Molly & BeBe at Ross of all places.  I find some of the cutest toys there for dirt cheep. 

A lil video of Molly enjoying her toy.    Oh and for those that don't know.  Molly recently was spayed hence the shaved tummy and has healed amazingly well.  A teeny scar is all the remains.  I just hope her fur decides to grow back one of these days.  


  1. I love the new profile pic....has a vintage feel. Im a retro boy at heart xxx gorgeous.
    xx maj

  2. Hehehehe...too cute. Puddles hair grew back so don't fret. And she even popped a stitched.
    Looove the new look. Great header pic too.