Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am always in awe when I watch how loving my littlest furless one is towards the Dachsies.   She knows these furry beasties are not toys.  She doesn't tug ears and tails.  Though sometimes she gets a lil excited and tends to screech around them.  It's fair.. they bark at her when she gets cooky.

But today .. I caught a moment of "kissez" as Emma calls them.   I love my lil girl.

Ms. Molly.  Adventurer.  BoBo enthusiast.  
Barky Butt. 

Have BoBo... Will Play.   
Innocently sitting at her feet playing possum... 
praying she would keep going after her moment of brief pause during wild zoomies...
only to be attacked viciously. 
Fellow BoBo's could only watch in horror from the toy box. 
Photos too alarming and very blurry to share. 

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  1. Sweet kisses. I loooves to get kisses from my hooman girl. She older now but she used to eat my brudder's food and pull his ears. He just let her do whatever she wanted with NO pay back.