Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happiness is....

The sounds of 3 dachshunds wrrrrrring and grrrinng in the living room at full throttle high speed play.   The ever obnoxious hip swing that Molly will do into either of their faces.  The ankle nipping, ear grabbing rough and tumble play.   I so needed to see them be their goofball little selves today.

But even better ...  looking down at my feet and seeing Abby Tabby there.  Quiet and observant of what's going on around her.  She has been very friendly today.   I almost feel as though I was missed by her just as much as I missed having her around.  She is, for the most part, very antisocial but it's these little quiet moments that she shares with me and allows me to be close to her in her world that I so love.  Allowing me to reach down and stroke her rabbit soft fur.  I've had some very soft kitties before but her fur is amazing.  Short and deep black with just a hint of tiger stripping in the sunlight.  We've changed over their food to Taste of the Wild and it has given her such a sheen.

So yes... that's happiness for me right now..  My Dach's and all my kitters where they are supposed to be.  Home safe and sound with Mommy.   Now Mommy is going to off to bed and pass out for many hours.  Yay.

Here's to a beautiful week to everyone!!   XoXo

Monday, May 17, 2010

Crate Pee'er... the Saga

So I've changed out Kai's crate as I have read suggestions from not only here but the Dachshund forum I belong to that his crate might be too big. 

I have a new dilemma that I am having trouble finding information for on the internet.  Yesterday morning in the wee hours I was awoken by the cell ringing.  I had a pickup to do.  Never fun when you're half awake.  Away I went, did the job, returned home and landed myself warm and snug back into bed.  I'm half into blissful sleep when I happen to hear something you ONLY hear when there is a water bowl around.  Or should I say .. you should ONLY hear it when the water bowl is present.  Then and only then. 

Kai and pee'd in his crate and was lapping it up.  I was utterly disgusted.  Firm no lick pee's were issued.  The crate was cleaned up and I placed a towel in for the evening.  I'd rather deal with washing a pee towel than to have him lick it up.  YUCK ....  So last night .. no towel.. We slept all night and this morning .. yes.. I found trace of tinkle evidence which leads me to believe that when I was thinking he was going through the night without pee he was most likely licking it back up.

Kai has access to fresh water ( even with icecubes .. yeah I'm pathetic ) at all times.  All my furries do.  The only time water is taken up is about 1.5-2 hours before nighty night time while we're working on trying to get him to learn that the crate is a no pee zone.  So I doubt it's dehydration.

My question is..  Has anyone else ever experienced this?   I'm at my wits end.  Potty training is one thing but drinking pee is icky.

and on a lighter note..
my hubbys mooshy ooshy voice talking wussy puss talk to our kitter Chloe..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pile O' Goodness

So sometimes I just don't have much to say and I admit that.  Lately it seems more and more that I haven't had much to say.  So when that happens.. well I share photos.  One of my favorite shots lately happens to have all three of my bratlings in it. 

Aerial view... nothing better than a pile O' Daches I always say.   :)

How many can fit in a bed meant for pretty much  .. One?

Kai's little face.. So sleepy, just peeking over big brudders shoulders.

So sweet and blissful my three. 
I love them dearly.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That's MR. Crate Pee'r to you ...

Ok .. so I need all the patience prayers I can get right now.    
KAI a crate pee'r.  I blame this due to the fact that he was most likely allowed to wizzy wink where ever he liked in his previous situation.    We limit water before bed time, make sure he gets a late night potty break before tucking him in with the "old" towels since Mr. Pee can't have a big boy bed until I don't have to wash a towel everyday.   He gets tons of tee tee breaks with his fursibs during the day and tons of praises every time I see him doing his goodness "outside"  Treats too.  I'm going bonkers with the crate peeing tho.

How could something SO cute make a person so mad sometimes?  

Dear Kai ... 
Mommy is asking you nicely here. 
Please learn to be a big boy and not tinkle in your crate at night.  
It's icky, your lil warm towel is icky and I have to bathe you too much because you smell icky. 

Icky isn't fun.  Pee free is awesome.  Keep trying lil Kai before Mommy goes to the looney bin to live. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Work & A Dach.

Various things I see at work ...
Well isn't someone funny? ( really I did NOT do this.. I will blame C. for it. )
Waiting for the family to finish their after service reception before we held the burial.   I was .. so bored.  ( shame on me for being bored but when you have to just sit around at the cemetery it can get well ... boring! )

Our grave digger has a DACH!!!  Her name is Izzy.  She's awesome.. but hates the camera.  grr
Please Izzy .. just one face shot?
She refused me.   Next time I will ply her with nibbly goodness and she will have to look at the camera to get one. 

It's the little things ...

in life, you will find, that bring you the utmost joy.   Handmade things are my utmost favorites.   Things from my Mom, a hand written note from my husband and so on.   Things that take thought.  Things that can not be readily purchased and take time to create.  Those are the things that are most special in life.

Things like this..

To Mom Love Zoe


Children have a certain way
Of growing bigger every day
But these little hands
And this special smile
Will stay in your heart
A long, long while.

 Mom, I love you because you let me ride my bike .
I make you happy when I clean my room and do the dishes.
The thing I think you do best is take care of me and my sister.

Mom, I like it when you let me tie your shoes.
 A funny thing you do is tickle me.
The special thing about you is you are pretty.
My favorite thing to do with you is have mommy time with you.
Thank you for keeping safe. 

When asked who that picture was she said it's you and I said oh how pretty and she said no Mommy you're beautiful.  What a lil heart tugger my Zoebug is.

Anyhoo .. I just wanted to share.   :)  Xo

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all you beautiful Mom's, Mommy's, Momma's, Mother's, Grami's, Grandma's and Grama's out there. XoXo


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Halo .. a wee obsession

So I have to admit it.  I have an obsession other than Dachsies & Kitters.  I play Halo.  I love HALO.  Yeah .. I like Halo.  :)

For those that don't know what Halo is .... HALO Pc   There is an entire series of games for the Xbox and now Xbox 360.  I have them all.  Hubby and I love them all too.  :)   Aaron and I met via Halo.  Crazy small world it is eh?  Maybe I'll post the actual story of how someday.... 

A game where hubby and I played together.  I'm 1st, he's 2nd.  We must not have been playing snipers otherwise he would have been 1st. 
 I just need to know.  Are there other lady players out there?   Might someone who plays stumble upon my blog?  Shoot me a note.  Send me a line.  Frag me if you will.  I've love to set up a game and go for it.   If you have Xfire look me up.  I'm Hannalei there ( here, there and pretty much everywhere I think )


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh yes yes .. the wordless wednesday part.

( ok not so wordless .. dag nabbit I've lost a day .. I thought it was Tuesday.. hehehe )

Molly gets her toys and bedding washed Circa .. pre BeBe, Kai and the Frontloaders we now have. lol

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I haven't had much to say lately.    I've been sick.  My moods have been up and down.   I've been working on training Kai not to tinkle in his crate overnight with utterly no success.   I keep telling myself patience and time.  Lots of it. 

I'm still around just a bit more silent than usual.  Tonight I still don't have much to say.  I'm just in and out of the world lately.  It will get better.  It has to.

 I have a little guest book at the bottom of the page.  Feel free to add a photo and drop a line.  Comments are always enjoyed.  :) 


an older photo of Molly but always  delight to peek upon...