Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happiness from France

So I've gotten into a little quiet slump but I thought I would share my latest joy... 

Lucite Dachshund knife rests all the way from France.   I am just shy of having a complete set at 11.  *sigh*  The hunt is on but patience is a key word for me here.  :) 

Oh this looks so BIG doesn't it?

Ok .. so perhaps it's not so BIG but the contents were "big" to me..

They say ...  "Bonjour personnes merveilleuses des blogs"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happiness is.....

A box in the mail that comes addressed to lil ol' me.  Especially when the kids have been making me nuts, the Weens have been barky butts and I'm feeling like just hiding in the bathroom for a month or two.

The contents made me cry but not sad more like awe over how beautiful the goodies were.  Hubby wandered in and I said to him wow I feel like the lotto fell out into my hands. 

So to my utmost favorite lil red smoothie boy and his wonderful Momma I say thank you so very much you made my hectic nutty day feel suddenly quite peaceful and happy again.