Monday, April 26, 2010


Tonight under unfortunate circumstances I met a chubby tweenie named Charlie.  You see I work for a funeral home and we had a call.   The lady was able to pass away in her home with her family surrounding her.  Her hospital bed situated next to a large bay window that overlooked what I would call .. a park.  ( yes her yard ) It was beautiful.   I always find myself appreciating people who can make this happen for their loved ones.   I didn't know at the time that Charlie was in the home but I had a nice feeling when we pulled up.  Dox Cab was on a lovely older Cadillac.  Even in death I try to find things to smile about.  It makes it easier. 

One in particular stays on my mind this evening.  Charlie.   He looked like a red smooth brindle in color.   His "furless" sisters both noted that he had not wagged his tail in weeks but upon seeing me his lil hiney was going like there was no tomorrow.   He even looked over to the window and barked.   They just stood there looking at him in amazement.  It was the most he'd done in weeks .. they said again.   I thought to myself..  Well Charlie knows.. he's telling her goodbye.  I bent to pet him while my director spoke with the family.  He was solid dachshund goodness with an ever curious snif.   I wondered what would become of him and struck up a conversation about Dachshunds with his furless brother.  " I have 3 of them myself.. he must know that since he's just wagging away "   "oh... he said  .. I have 2 black & tans"  the conversation went on to chat about Doxies a bit more and my heart felt at ease knowing there would be a home for Charlie.    As I went to help fetch the cot from the van Charlie was right along side.. More remarks about how active he suddenly was ..  He was helping I said.  Such a sweet elder gentleman he was too.  

One last pat on the head and I said goodbye to sweet Charlie. 

The service will be Saturday.  I wonder if Charlie will be there.  It seems only fitting that he should be.   I can tell she loved him well.  Faithful til the end.  Barking his goodbye at the most proper moment and trying to let everyone know around him that it's ok she's in a good place with God. 

Charlie.. this one is for you.   A bittersweet twist.   We usually say goodbye to our furlings but how do our furlinds feel when they have to say goodbye to us all too soon. 



  1. What a touching story. And I love that name, Charlie. I'm glad he was going to be able to find another home that would love him just as much.

  2. We always know.
    I hope too he will have a lovely home again soon.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. aww, poor thing. do you ever get to find out the ending?