Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just photos....

A trip to the hardware store just over a year ago .... hmms..
  • Little homeless kitten:  Check
  • Paint roller: Check
  • Holding you up in the door window frame and knocking on the door: Check
  • Aaron saying... that better not be a cat: Check
  • Aaron opening the door, scooping you from my arms and saying.. dammit it would be a kitten: 
We love you something fierce Abby. 

Sophia LaMewen 
( for Sophia Loren ) 
Beautiful Sophie.. With the teeny meow.  Utterly shy and completely sweet. 
Savage nibbler of treat treats. 

What entry would be complete without my two little loves?  Molly & BeBe decided to grace me with some photo time this afternoon.   Or perhaps it was the bribe of Noms to sit .. somewhat still. 


  1. Do they get along with the cats? Mine HATE cats. Well, I think they like them, but they try to run after them barking and going crazy and the cats run away hissing. We don't have any cats for that reason... that and my 2 doxies like to eat out of the litter box. lol My parents have two cats though and when they see Milly and Shelby coming in the house they RUN like the wind! :)

  2. aha! I see the cool pic now! I love your pups n kitties!


  3. Ahhh adorable Doxie's!! They are the BEST fur babies. :)

  4. Your babies are adorable! Dex and Nora would get along with them well!