Saturday, August 21, 2010


BeBe sez: 
Mommi... I told him dats just WONG 

Kai .. the Ambassador of the house.   Lover of all things big and small. 

Whut.. he wuz wonewee

Thursday, August 19, 2010


On the ride home in a doggy bed my heart had less of a hole left in it as I looked at you laying there so soft, ginger and inviting touch, tickles and kisses. 

I felt very unsure about how my heart would deal with this little marmalade boy as he is so close to my heart baby Tigger in looks but then his eyes closed and for me that meant forever because he felt secure.

So relaxed you were my heart melted.  You are mine for I am yours.

When I look at you sometimes I cry.  Not for bad reasons.  You just remind me so much of my Mr. P.  I loved him dearly and seeing a small likeness of him makes me happy and helps me remember what once was a bit more clearly.   You wont replace him but you will help make my world a much happier place.  

Finnegan ... Gotcha Day 8/17/2010
Cost:   Free
Worth:  Priceless

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog Hopping

So I happened upon a blog that was doing it and thought I'd give it a go.  Hrmms.. interesting links to check out now.  :) 

Friday, August 13, 2010


At 8 months Kai is becoming quite the handsome little fellow.  

Squeaky balls.  Nibblies of all kinds.  To give upper lip nose press kisses.  

Molly bossing him around.  Mommy taking the ball away at bed time. Anyone else getting more attention than him.   Percival, our elder evil kitty.  

KaiKai, Kaisan,  Squeaky Toy Boy, Choki Nom Noms ( he will be embarrassed Mommy shared that one ) 

No longer peeing in the crate.  Walks on a leash like a pro now.  Stays. Off.

Mommy's trials:
Mad humper and kitty food lover.  We're working on both.  

Friday, August 6, 2010

Why? Totally non-dach related.

Do you ever have days where you just wonder .... why?
I think this is the wonder why year for me.

So perhaps this isn't for the faint of heart and not for Dachsie eyes.  Read on if you feel the need to wonder why too.  

I wonder why people are just so rude.  Has common decency and values gone out the window?

I wonder why it is .. that when you know something verbatim, by the book, backwards and forwards, someone will just give you excuses of why something being done or said is "really" ok.   Are some people just simply that clueless that they don't care and have to continue doing something ass backwards to prove a point.  

I wonder why people feel the need to live in a HUGE house beyond what they truly need and then they piss and moan about how expensive it is and how oh my goodness I don't think we can afford it.   Um ... really?  Did you do the math part about how you make X, the house costs X, the insurance and taxes cost X?   Why should we bail your pathetic asses out.  Riddle me this.  

I wonder why people eat themselves into utter "fat" and then complain that it's the foods fault.  No it's not the food that made you fat, made you ill, made you get diabetes.  It's your lack of self control.

I wonder why people always feel the need to talk trash about their supposedly good friends.   I don't really care to know who's doing what with who.  It's really none of my concern. 

I wonder why people dump their pets on craigslist, kijiji, in the woods, at shelters and so on.  I can understand an act of God, losing a job to the point of being destitute and needing to rehome because you truly love them and want them to have better than you can give them ... But to say .. a baby is on the way,  we don't have time and so on.  Get real.  You're just pathetic lazy people who should have never brought a pet home in the first place.

I wonder why people call at the last moment and "hope" you will drop everything to visit with them.  If you're not not my parents or Jesus it's not going to happen. 

I wonder why it's ok to dump the elderly into a home and forget about them.  I see this all too often with the line of work I am in.  No family there in the end or several 100's of miles away.  WTF.  These people LOVED YOU, CARED FOR YOU and most likely HELPED RAISE YOU.   They die alone and unwanted. WHY?

I wonder why parents just can't tell their kids NO when they are in the store, in a restaurant, wherever...    How hard is it to be a parent, act like a parent and say no.  You're the adult.. Not them.    This one amazes me. 

I wonder WHY there are fat kids?    WTH!  I see so many parents in the stores putting crap into their carts geared towards children.   It's CRAP.   Do you want your kids to have a heart attack, diabetes, gal-bladder disease and so on?  You're laying the foundation for it right now.  If you love them ... make em eat their veggies!

Oh and to the lady who lets her Pug shit in the yard across the street and doesn't pick it up.  I know you will never see this but I KNOW you know it's wrong because when the "snow birds" come back to visit their home suddenly we don't see you and Princess poops alot leaving turds behind. 

So ... I admit it.. right now I'm having a serious wonder why year.   I'm an angry little wonder why'er tonight. 
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caught ....

Excuse the darkness in the beginning.  I was hunting zoomies, mad zoomies to be exact.