Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just art...


I love art of all kinds.  I love Dachsie art.  How each person captures a Dach in their own way. 

And even though I'm not fortunate to be owned by one right now.  I really do love the Black and Tans. 

I'm rather fond of this one and intend to try to give it a go with the shades of BeBe instead.   If I ever get brave enough to post my finished work my blog will be the first place to see it.  

Such amazing skill with pencil.   Knowing my luck if I tried this I'd just be a smug of lead on the side of my palm.  :) 

It almost makes you wonder.. what's so interesting on the other side?

They should make this the one that goes on each rescue site.  Adoptions would increase tenfold.

Monday, March 29, 2010

So many thoughts this evening...

where do I begin.   I have no clue.  Half the time it feels as though my mind just wants to explode thoughts as I type but then I sit here and nothing comes.  What gives?   Hmmmpf...

Sith's have nothing on Molly.

PEW PEW I shoot you...

BeBe.. with the red filter on.  How I love his nose. 
I mean how could you not love that nose?  It snifs, it snuffles
it leads his way to Noms each day. Soft like velvet and cold 
like a toilet seat when it pokes you in the wrong place.  Brrr..

"I kiss his nose"  Even Molly adores that nose. See what 
I mean? How could anyone not love that handsome snoot?

So for those that don't know.  I volunteer at the K9 Shelter we have here in town.  It's a very small one and I for one am very proud at how clean and neat we keep it.   We seem to have a low rate of pups coming in and sometimes we go to other shelters to bring one here.  Adoptions seem to be very successful.  I have not witnessed one come back since I've been helping.   But then I've only been there just about 2 months.   I go each Monday evening and weekends.  It's something I look forward to greatly.   You see..  I used to be a Golden owner.  A big dog lover.  I still am and that's how I get my fix.   I love on them and they love me in return.   I can give back to my community in a small way.  I can't give them $ because well .. let's face it I know I'm considered poor by income standards but I have time to give and what better way?  It's a good give give situation for me. 

This evening I went in.  We had 3 dogs.  Tonight I got a note that we are now down to 2.  Someone drove all the way from Portland to adopt one of our furkins.   What pleasure it gave me to read that note.  I pray for a long and happy furever home.  

So here's a self portrait of myself.  Wet from being outside playing with the furkins in the rain.  I look so much better with a bit of makeup and my hair not plastered to my face.  But it's me.  Au natural. 
It's a small shelter like I said.  Room for 8 dogs, 4 on each side.  Before taking in small dogs was an issue because they could escape but they have just put up a new building that will house small ones as they come in.   Forbid that they do.  I might bring them home with me.  I have yet to see the inside of it.  It's still fenced off from the main yard.  I'm not sure if the inside is done yet.  But we will have a washer and dryer that someone so kindly donated.  A toilet <--- that was a big hooray from all the ladies that volunteer.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  It will be a good thing. 

Now last..  but never ever least.  Something special to share.   
My sweet Zoe, only 7 loves to draw and came up to me this evening with this wonderful bit of art.  I can't wait to see the next creation. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ack ...

So here I sit at 11:46pm feeling the feeling of guilt.  I neglected this blog until it was nearly too late this evening.  I have a good excuse though.  The tv has been getting Showtime lately and has been showing some pretty funny movies.  Shameless to say.   I was glued to the TV.   I usually NEVER watch TV.  Ever.  Ask people that know me and they will confirm it. The TV to me is a waste of a mind.  

Gasp.   I spent several hours wasting away.  

But I had help dang it.   BeBe laid on me, pinning my left arm down as I was laying on the couch.  Molly ganged up with him and decided to lay against my side.  I was stranded by them.  Honestly.

I have no proof of it tho.   Today I took not a single photo.  Amazing.   I have a phone that I use constantly to take photos with.  I love my phone because of this.  But today.  Today I was just Mom and Wife.  No technology other than .. the TV but gosh darn it... it was after the kids went to bed.  :)

So that's my lame excuse for a pathetic entry this evening. 

Tomorrow.  Pictures.  Will be better.  :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 8 ... Ahh forget counting the days...

I'm a wee bit lonely tonight.   You see my husbands shift is all messed up right now due to the fact that they had some training thing going on at work.  Each shift had to work some weird hours so they could all get this training work felt they needed.   So here I sit.. awake..  while hubby sleeps, hopefully dreaming of good things. 

While browsing through the "millions" of pictures I seem to take of everything and anything today I found a few I thought I would share.

The first being of BeBe. 

How many times have you caught your Dach just sitting there with a far off look on their face.  I often wonder what they are thinking about.   He was just laying there with his head against my knee while I softly stroked his lovely fur crooning pathetic baby talk to him.   Is he thinking about what once was.  Is he missing his old life and Dach friends.  Is he content and that's why he looks rather peaceful to me?   I really hope it's the last "wonder".   I'd like to think that he is very much pleased with the direction his path in life has taken.   I'd like to think that he loves us just as much as we love and adore him. 


The second photo is of course.. of Molly and her furless sister, Zoe.  Here I caught the true essence of Mollyness.   Who knew a Dach tongue could extend so far?   Only another Dach owner of course.  Our Molly wants nothing more than to give you a good lick over..  At least 3 or 4 times if possible.  We fondly call her Miss Licky.


Third .... 

What can be said for the love of Dachsies? Everything and anything.  Nothing beats it.  I love it when they both feel they have to lay on me.   Sometimes I turn the world off for a bit and just watch them.   They shuffle a bit jockeying for the best spot.  Sometimes erupting into a full fledged nip and play game.   But always settling down, with a pppfttt, a hmmmpfft and a sigh here and there.  
I love them.  I believe they love me. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 7 ... Nothing Dachsie today..

Well as promised here are a couple shots of the "lot" that I was able to pick up for what I felt was dirt cheap.

A rather large trash bag stuffed to the brim about to explode... 

Ahh explosion happens..

All in all it was a great find at a great price.   I did have to de-stain a few items but when you're getting pre-loved items there is no promise of them being flawless.   The lighting I viewed them in wasn't the best and the lighting here in my laundry room is superior because I'm a neat/stain freak.   It's ok though.  I still got a great deal and for that I am happy.

Now... I am curious. 

Is it poor when you tape a hanger because the bottom half of it broke or is it frugal?
Why?  Because I just did it.   I felt poor while doing it but once I was done and thought aha a hanger saved instead of tossed I felt frugal and rather green for not being wasteful.   I just wonder if anyone else has similar experiences in life like that.  It was something so small but it really made me wonder. Am I poor or just frugal?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 6.... Mowie my sister

Today .. dis bwog gonna be about my sister Mowie  ( Molly Mom says ... ) ignores my Momi she's picki about my typin.  Hey I gotz paws whut does she espet frum me huh?

she gots sum big eyebawz huh?

Mowie is de most awesome sister except sometimes she wikes to pick on me.  Ok all de time she picks on me.  It getz pweti old.   When they adopted me Mowie was der to see me for the firs time.  It was nice becuz I was kinda scawred. She gave me a gud sniffin all over, told me about how spoiled she was and dat I was just fur her to make her hapi.   Tho Momi tolds me she wuvs me best sumtims becuz I dont try to stuffs my tongue up her nosie like Mowie does and I don't fartz like she does either.  hehehe.

Mowie trying to lok all princessie here.

Pweti gud huh? 
I halped Momi takez the piktur. 
Im still learnins the flashy thing. 

Dis is Mowies Paw. 
I like to bite dees. She bites my wegs so I getz her pawz. Ha.

See my clsed eyes? Dats becuz all she does iz bawk bawk baawwk at everyting.  Dat piktur is mid bawk Mom sez.

Well my pawz is getin tired.  I just wanted to share my sister Mowie wif you all.

Much wuvs and teeni cheek kissez. Im best at dos.
Bawk! , BeBe

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 5 ... Dachsie goodness...

Today we ventured over to Roseburg to buy a "lot" of wonderful clothing I had found on Craigslist for Emma.  The smallest of the furless kind in the household I might add.   I'm pro buying pre-loved fashions when I can find them at a steal of a deal.   Name brands, over 100 pieces for only 50 bucks.  Can't beat that with a stick.  I'll have to post a picture of my new 3t hoard later.  

But the BEST best bestest part of the day was when we pulled up.

There ... in the driveway with her hoomamma was a lovely lil brindle patterned Dachsie.  At least I believe she would be considered a brindle.  She was red smooth, with a pie brindle pattern all over.  Rather pretty.   Shy as can be but wiggly as ever once she saw we were good to go.   If I remember right... her name was Lexie.  She was utterly precious.  I just wanted to scoop her up and bring her on home with me.   Hubby was in love to say the least. 

We chatted for a while, played with the pup and then took our booty and went our merry way.  The second best part of the day was the conversation on I-5.    I said "so if the gal said you can just have her what would you have done"  ( now before I have been firmly told.. no more Doxies ) I got the most sheepish reply ever " Oh we would have brought her home and you know it "

Score 1 for Dachsies!

So now the gentle tedious wear down begins.   Should I start with puppy photos and work my way up or what? 

 Molly approves of this Blog.  :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 4.... HooDad goodness.

He's 6'2", she's all of 5 inches up off of the ground unless she's standing on her hind end.  He's gruff and she's a licky nose lover.  He's blond with a slight hint of red, she's red smooth and delicious to the touch.   He's at his desk right now and she's in his lap.  Molly is in heaven and knows it's all good.

I LOVE seeing my hubby snuggle with the Dachsies.  He's not one bit shy about acting like a complete goofball around them either.  I love love love it!  Molly is loving it right now too.  He's got his forums up gawking away and she's getting petted at a good steady pace.  It's almost oblivious how it's happening.

Anyone else out there have a snuggle story to share?   Link me your blog I'd love to read about it.  The moment is too sweet right now I have to go and partake in some of that good ol' dachsie snuggling since there is a spare that needs some attention.  Don't ya Bebe!


While surfing the net I found him.. I felt I must play with him for a bit.  Click somewhere to give him a Nom. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 3..... eBay .... it's evil.

I aimlessly GAWK at things on eBay.  It seems like anything and everything is on that site.   My most searched for item of course is Dachshund things.   Not that I ever buy but I do love to look. 

My most wanted items as of .. well 30 mins ago.
  •  Steiff Dachshund.  I need THIS!
Ok so maybe I don't need it but I do love myself a good stuffie just like the furkids do.  I may not attack it, rip it's stuffing out and mame it to the point of not knowing what it was to begin with but I do find myself feeling little again when I look at the few stuffies I do own.  ( or maybe they own me? )

  • Doxie photo frame. 

Why?  It's got two slots, I've got two Dox.
Yeah.  I def need this.   Will I buy it?  Doubtful as I just hate buying things without being able to see them in person first.  But it's tempting.  It would go perfect on my nightstand. 

  • Fuzzy Nation Dachshund Purse

For those who don't know me well.  I would SO use it and flaunt it.  Nuff said.  Louis Vuitton has nothing on that purse! :)

So for now..  my three greatest wants.  I think I am tired this evening.  I didn't seem to want for much.  Usually there is a sponge sitting near the desk to catch the drool.  I have a Dach addiction.  I need D.A.A. treatment I swear.  :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 2 .... Procrastination

So yes .. I admit it I am a procrastinator of the worst kind.   It doesn't matter what it is..... I am running around at the last moment doing it.   The worst part is that when I wake up I make a list while sitting here at my desk ( procrastinating .. aka reading e-mail, face-booking, DBB, craigslist and what ever ELSE catches my eye ) of things to do during the day.

On my list was..  you guessed right.  Writing here.  So now it's currently 10:44pm and I sit with the keys clicking away.   I have the occasional Squirrel moment when something else in the room catches my eye and my mind wanders.  So by the time I'm done it will be 12:44pm no doubt.  :)

But there is something to be said for being a procrastinator.   I got the most adorable shot of my pups tonight while watching "New Moon" Yeah .. I'm a pathetic follower of sorts.  Read all the books, watched both movies ( though the first time I watched it ... it was downloaded right here off the good ol internet ) and can't wait for the third movie to come out.   I'm a junkie of sorts.  When I like something.  I really like it. 

So about this picture.   This was just a total luck shot.  I was being obnoxious with the flashie thing tonight.   I know at some point there will be a turd snuck into my shoe for all the flashing going on.    But I tell you the turd will be worth it.

What say you? 

And they call it puppy love.

So tonight... dear dachsie lovers that might be reading this.  I have PROOF that the lil butt munkeys can co-exist in love and harmony.   :)   Nothing better than Dachsie love.  <3

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 1.... my ween salt & pepper shaker

On a recent trip to Fortuna, Ca I was fortunate enough to do what I love best....  Visit antique stores.   I went to the beautiful & quite historic town of Ferndale with my mother in law ( quite fabulous I might ad as I adore her )  and browsed the shops hoping to find that special little something I totally do NOT need more of.   Now anyone who knows Ferndale knows it's a lovely town filled with the utmost gorgeous Victorian homes.   I was sure to find a treasure among so many old homes right?

Nothing.  Not one single thing called my name.   How rude eh? 

On our way back we stopped into a lil Antique mall.  Where?   In Fortuna.. right under my nose the entire visit.  Pfft.   But to my delight it was a WONDERFUL little mall filled to every nook and cranny with old delights.  From dishes, dolls, paintings and pinups.  You name it and this little place had it.   So many things that screamed ME ME ME take ME pick ME!!!   Sorry all I said.. you're cute but you're not what I am looking for.

About to give up and go empty handed I spied this lil man on a shelf. 

He said "Me?" and I said.. "oh my yes you!!!"  I swiped him up and trotted off to the cashier beaming like I had found gold.  My mother in law must think I'm nuts the way I carried on.  Ha.  :)

So 18 bucks + tax and I toted him off.
What a handsome fellow he is. Almost ugly.

Friday, March 19, 2010

How Bebe came to be....

Well as everyone knows by now we've rehomed Maisie to a wonderful couple who truly know what Corgi's are about inside & out. Poor Molly just didn't understand WHY her furfriend was suddenly gone. As I ALWAYS am gawking at Dach ads ( yeah you all know I'm pathetic ) I had spotted this lil boys ad about a few weeks ago but like all the lil faces I drool over them and continue on. I just like looking at pictures. I admit it.

I just couldn't handle Molly being miserable. We're talking full on limp dog slumming. I get a lil frantic when any of my furkins seem unwell. All she needed was a fainting couch and a camera rolling. I mean diva to perfection. Yeah .. it was killing me. So yesterday morning for giggles I started looking over Oregon's Dach ads. Petfinder didn't so much workout for me because every single one within distance was no kids no cats no breathing around the dach wrong pretty much. Aaron and I talked about it and though puppies are amazing we really wanted to seek out an adult who needed us as much as we needed him for Molly ( and for our personal need of petting and snuggling greed hehe )

So here I am sitting, wading through 200-900 dollar dogs. *faint* Well that's just never going to happen. Feeling more and more bummed I was about to say ahh screw it and just look another time. Then I happened onto the Kijiji listing for Bebe again. ( previously known as Jimmy Dean ) I called Aaron in and asked him what he thought about a boy? He just looked at me, shrugged and was like um CALL!!! So I called and got to speak with his owner. We spoke, talked about him and another she has. I asked if it was possible to perhaps come see him "TODAY" ( well today was yesterday now ) I could feel the excitement starting to just bubble over too. She said sure and gave me directions. Oh my gosh I've never ran around this house so fast gathering all the crap I might need to bring a baby home. HA.

So we drove about an hour to visit with him and oh my goodness all his lil furkin friends. I was in DACH heaven. Long hairs, smooths. Oh heavenly. All I can say is I want at least an acre now when I buy a home so that I can have more. *dreamy face* I learned a TON more Dach info from the lady as well. Good lord she must have thought we were such tards. I would ask her something while Aaron ( who was sitting on the ground being romped upon by fur and kisses ) was oblivious to what was being said ... then suddenly he would pop up with pretty much the same question. We were just in our height of glory with all those beautiful kids zipping around. Molly did really well with everyone zipping around once she got used to the idea that all these little furries sure looked a lot like her.

So I gave Aaron the .. "can we look". He gave me back the "oh my gosh yes look." Within a few moments of deciding we were on the road. He was alright on the ride home. Aaron held him part of the way and I the rest after we stopped to have a potty break. I didn't even THINK to bring the carrier. DUH! We got home, took them both to the side yard for a bit of a stretch and potty break. No potty to be had by Bebe. Several times of in and out and FINALLY this morning he went. He did pretty well through the night. At first we did separate crates but he wasn't having that so we decided to place him in with Molly and just latched the top latch on it so that in the event we had to zip outta bed and do a removal we could get one of them out quick. He whined a bit, fussed a bit, Molly growled a "shut up and go to sleep kid" and he piped right now, settled under a lil blakie I gave to him and passed out. I woke up extra early, popped up outta bed. Got dressed real quick and did my normal routine with the crate.. I get all high pitched and I said.. READY ... AIM .. ( hand on the latches. and then the last one ) FIREEEEEEE and Molly comes flying out, he comes flying out after her and I say "Let's go POTTY." We go out and there and he's just standing there with his leg cocked, firing away at a patch of grass for heck a good minute. ( now anyyyy of you that have laid in bed WAYYYY to long in the morning when you've gotta GO because it's so warm in bed and cold outside of the bed know exactly what I was thinking.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. LMAO )

Bebe's info .... He was whelped July 12, 2008 so he will be 2 this year. He is a Isabella, fawn and tan. So he has lil tan eyebrows. Hehe. He weighs just over 9 lbs when I took him to the lil pet supply store in florence. She has a scale to weigh the cookies she sells but said to pop him up there so we could get an idea of what harness would fit him best. I bought one but I'm returning it tomorrow. It bunches up on him. So I'm still searching for a harness that works. I didn't find any in town that I liked either. Ugh small town shopping stinks.

So anyhoo ....there ya have it.. Bebe's story.
Now onto the fun part. PICTURES

Aaron's first time holding Bebe

Hello.. I's Bebe

a side o' me u neber seen before

Mi chwin iz pwetti huh?

Yea I noze I's hansum

HEY gives mi a kiss

We b snoozin

Mi & my new Hoodaddy. I wuvs him. I's his boy he sayz.

Whhhatt... so itz pink. Sissy needz to share wib mi.

How Molly Came to be.....

September 22nd I was just perusing Craigslist.  Sort of my daily thing.  Sometimes you can find some of the best deals on there.  Well as I do each time, I was looking at the pet section and there was this ad for a a Dachshund.  Now I knew better than to shoot off and e-mail but... tsk .. I did..   I wish I had the original listing to show but I have the e-mail that started it all. ( names & numbers are edited for safety reasons )

Here it is..

Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 7:40 AM

I live in ............., have a nice yard for a dog and two little girls that would enjoy her. My cell is ..................  I'd like to know a few things.  How old is she, is she a nipper and are you asking a rehoming fee as there was none listed in the listing so I am assuming you are just in dire need to give her to someone who can care for her and spoil her.  The pure bred part doesn't concern me as if she is not spayed she would have that done immediately.

Let me know.

http://oregoncoast.craigslist.org/pet/1386453616.html ( the link no longer works but I hang onto it for memories sake )

Now..   I didn't think I'd get a reply as Dachsie's are pretty cute and I figured the re-homing fee wouldn't be much.  The ad didn't state that there was one but when someone says it's a purebred you just know there is going to be one.

Her reply..

  A.H. wrote:

I am not completely sure how old she is. She is in kind of a funny situation. My husband's sister bought her when she was a puppy, but they decided they didn't want her because she barked too much. They kept her outside by herself and never paid attention to her. Then one weekend they asked if I could babysit her. I said sure, and my sister-in-law told me to leave her in her crate all weekend, not to let her in my house, and if she ran away, to try not to get her back. Of course I let the dog in my house and she bonded with my chihuahua and my kids.... then when my sister-in-law came back, I told her that if they didn't want the dog I would be happy to keep her. So she said "fine" and just ditched the dog. She is a sweet sweet dog. She loves to cuddle. I have a two year old girl and a nine month old boy, and she is AMAZING with both of them. Seriously.... she will come sit by my baby and he grabs her by the eyelids and tail and stuff and she just sits there! She has never bitten anyone since I have had her. I think they had her for about two-and a half years and we had her between six months and a year, so she might be between 3 and 4?? I am pretty sure she is not fixed. She has a slight problem at my sister-in-laws house with wetting on the floor when they would try to keep her inside, but while I had her, I just made sure she was let out a little more often than my chihuahua and she was fine. She started barking more when she was around my mom's two chihuahuas because they are really misbehaved dogs, but when she is just with my other dog she isn't like that. So she just needs positive influences and an great owner that wants to help make her a great dog! I have already started that since she came to me, and she has become a great dog.
I am not asking a rehoming fee, I just really want my dog to go to a great home and I don't want to have to give her back to my sister-in-law because I would never wish that on her.
Anyways, sorry I wrote so much. If you are still interested, please let me know. I have gotten two other responses, but they are people that just said "how old how much" and I am kind of weary of the character of people like that on craigslist.
Thank you for your time, again.

the wetting on the floor kinda made me worry as with the barking..
But she ended up calling me and I decided what the heck.  Go and see. What harm could it do.

I brought her home that very day.  The woman didn't ask to see my home, if it had a yard as I had said or anything.  She didn't ask how I would care for Molly.  Nothing, not one question.  I am .. still to this day .. amazed.  I could NEVER let one of my furkins go to someone without pretty much getting into their lives and seeing how one of them would live.  It wouldn't happen either way but that's how it would be if my situation forced me to make that horrible choice.

So after Molly came to be with us.. I wrote another note to the previous "owner"
Hi there I had a few questions for you.  
Has Molly had been vaccinated, if so is she in need of being updated?   Has she been wormed?  Did you take her to either of the vets here.  Just would like to know so I could be sure to call the right one for records as I go to..................  She did very well her first evening.  Has she previously been kenneled at home?  We picked one up for her and she took to it very well.  Are there any commands that she knows/been trained to do anything special?  She seems to really enjoying being walked.  She's been on several today and seems really good with a harness.  I hate walking them with collars I'm always afraid I will choke them if I need to pull them out of harms way.   Any favorite snacks?  Does she like canned dog food and if so what brand?   I don't regularly give wet food to my pets as I think it's pretty bad for them but it's like cake you just have to have some once in a while you know?  :) 

Anyhoo that's the few questions I had for now.  If you can think of anything else to share please feel free.  She seems to be adjusting well and my family loves her.  She will be well adored I believe.  :) 


I made a few remarks in bold on my thoughts ...

She replied.. 

I'm really glad you wrote. I have been thinking about her alot and hoping she did well her first day away. I don't know about her vaccinations. My sister-in-law had her for the period of time when she would have gotten most of her vaccines. I don't know about the worming either. I haven't taken her to either of the vets here yet.  (what the girl told me they had been living in this area for quite some time ????????)
We did not kennel her, but my sister-in-law did. They would stick her in it when they went camping, and only let her out to go to the bathroom for two days. She would bark and bark.... so I am surprised that she likes it after that. Most small dogs do feel comfortable in them though. I tried to teach her to sit and stay, but she just did not get it. Snacks are snacks as far as she is concerned. The only snacks she didn't like were these weird all-natural organic dog treats that my mother in law brought over once. For some reason, she just would not eat them....lol. ( hmmm funny she loves em...) One of the best snacks is the garlic and yeast tablets. My parents used to get them from the pet store, and they are really good for keeping fleas away and keeping the coat healthy.  ( her coat was dull and she was covered in fleas :( )They make the dog's breath smell like garlic, but god knows that would be an improvement for Molly :P We never really gave them canned food just because it gets expensive, but seriously, that little piggy will eat ANYTHING. It's all about how much you want to spoil her. hahaha.
I'm glad that she is fitting in. I hope she is behaving! It's a lot easier to give up a pet when you know they have gone to a good place and you know they are doing well. At least, it's easier on me.
I hope your kids like her. She has always been really good with kids, even babies. She seems to enjoy being mauled by little ones.
Don't be surprised when she kills her first mole and leaves it on your porch....lol. (so far no moles.. )

So a few weeks passed and A.H. had said if Molly wasn't working out for me that she would take her back ..
This e-mail started out with a REALLY bad morning where I made the foolish assumption that I would be able to walk Molly to from the front door to the side yard to potty.   She took off, ran approx 2 blocks where I FINALLY got a hold of her.   I was, to be honest, livid with her and ready to call of being a dog Mommy forever.

The note..

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 9:15 PM, .........................................wrote:
Good evening.
I wanted to see if you were still open to taking Molly back.   Although she is meshing well with us, she is not meshing well with my kitties.  No attacking or anything but she simply will not let them come out of hiding when she is not in her lil house.  We're having to keep her in her lil house more than I personally would like as I hate having to coop an animal up. ( I never mentioned the nearly committing doggiecide.. )If you can not due to living arrangements still I will place an add on Craigslist and have no fear I will go to the persons home to be sure she would be living in a good home with a fenced yard.
Anyhoo I didn't want to make you feel as though you had to take her back  I just thought I would ask you about it before placing an ad.  I was going to have my husband ask at the Casino where he works as he mentioned showing her photo to people and several of the older ladies ooing and awing over her so I think we would be able to find her a good forever home that doesn't have existing kitties or perhaps only has one kitty that is lonely and wants a little doggy companion to snooze with in the evening.
Let me know.


After this note was sent I was still seething as I was driving my daughter to school,  telling her I was sorry that Molly would be going to a new home.    She was heart broken..   I called Aaron and told him and he said ... if she doesn't make you happy then do what you need to do to be happy and have her happy as well ...

So I sat.. and I hemmed and I haw'd..  I even write up a CL ad that I kept.  I kept it now ... as a reminded of what a fool I could have been.

Here it is...

Gentle standard smooth hair red Dachshund in need of a forever home.  She is approximately 3-4 years old,  I was told she is a purebred and definitely looks it.  She has a wonderful personality, very snugly, loves to take walks and is excellent with my two children, one of which is under 2 years old.  She also LOVES cats but sadly they do not love her hence my re-homing.  Explanation: I have cats and when she is out of her Crate she will pretty much hunt them down and keep them pinned in a hiding spot.  Makes life miserable for the cats.  

I am asking a small re-homing fee to ensure that she does truly find a forever home.  She comes with her collar with a little bell on it so you know where she is. A retractable lead which looks similar to this:  http://www.petco.com/product/2020/Flexi-3-Long-Retractable-Leash-in-Black.aspx?CoreCat=OnSiteSearch
A Yuppie Puppy Anti-Pull Mesh Harness which is exactly as shown in the photo link: http://www.petco.com/Assets/product_images/7/708443111023C.jpg
Info about the harness for those who are curious: http://www.yuppiepuppy.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=SPUS3
She will also come with a large bag of dog food which is what we've had her on since we've had her in our home.  The bag is approx half full.  She was a little over weight when we first got her and is slowly slimming down with a good diet and exercise. She will also come with a nearly full box of biscuits and some small beef flavored raw hide chews.  2 mini tennis balls and a twisted rope toy. 

My heart breaks each time I read it.  as I said.. it's a reminder of what a dip I could have been.

Finally ... a few days later I got a reply to my note:


I'm sorry to hear that. I had prepared myself for the fact that she might not find a permanent home immediately after me, simply because she needed a lot of work. I appreciate what you have done so far though - the stress level in my home has decreased so much without my father in law constantly nagging about an extra dog. I would be very grateful if you found her another home. I trust your judgement as much as my own. Please let me know how it goes. Molly is a great dog and I want the very best for her.

I was never told she needed a lot of work.  *sigh*  The home that I picked her up from had several dogs.. I never understood why they would get "rid" of just one.

By the time I had gotten her reply I had totally cooled down, sat and talked with my husband and made the choice to stick it out and work with Molly.

I decided to send one more reply .. knowing that she wouldn't answer me.  


Good evening.   
After sending that note I sat down and did some soul searching with Molly.  I just had a crummy day and she was being a poop on top of it.   We had a long Mom to Dog daughter talk, a bit of a barking match, a stare off and now we're working at making it work.   She has pretty much left the cats alone other than a random chase.  We really do adore her and want to make her part of the family.  I just didn't realize she needed as much work as she does.  But I see it as a mountain that my husband and I will climb with her and come out good in the end.  So far so good.

Have a few more questions for you about her.

Was she clicker trained at all?   I have one and I'm working with it to help her learn good behaviors but she seems almost terrified of it which led me to believe she may have been around one in the past but had it used as a distraction for negative behavior. 

When her nails were clipped how were they done?  I've been considering using a dremel so sand them down with which is pretty common practice.  I just want to see if there was another method for trimming used. 

Does she know any basic commands?  I can't remember if I had asked that in a previous e-mail or not so I thought I'd ask again.  I'd hate to try and train her with a basic command I'm used to with dogs if she has learned something totally different.  Don't want to confuse her. 

Did you have her on a certain style of dog food?  I think I asked the day I picked her up but I can't remember. 

If at all possible could you find out about her shot/vet record from your sister in law?  I want to take her in but I'd hate to have her get shots she may not need. 

Anyhoo that's all for now.  I'm sorry to be a pain in the ass with all the questions.  It's just hard to know a pooch and what they need/ came from to adjusting them into a new life.  Want to keep it simple and easy for her as the weeks go.  :) 



If you'd like to see photos of Molly I have a public album via Picasa you can view.

Sent 10-10-2009.  It's been long enough to get a reply. 

Anyhoo ...
never posting that CL ad to re-home was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  We have made it through many milestones ( as I call them ) and look forward to making it through many more.

Mom & Dad to Molly Sept 22nd, 2009.  Her first photo.  :)