Saturday, April 3, 2010

Emma's Second Birthday

Happy Second Birthday Emma!     Yippy YAY!!!
Emma is 2.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time.
It does truly go by so fast.

You must never touch the cake with your finnies until you have sampled it with your face.
Nom nom noM!

After decided that the cake was indeed good stuff she felt the need to put it in as far as it would go for maximum taste.   Oh Emma! 
Fresh from her bath as we had to tidy up the cake eating monster. 
I wish I could have snapped the camera a little faster.  The facial expression she had prior to this moment was priceless.   She yelled out Molly when she saw what was in the paper. 

How to tell when your Dad really loves you?  When he allows your doggies on his lap. 
My Dad does not like Doxies.  I guess when he was little he was chased and bit by one.  It left a lasting impression.  So what does my lovely Isabella boy BeBe do?  He nipped him one evening when my Dad had brought something over for me.  Ugh.   Looks like they are making peace quite well.   
I love my Daddy & my Dachsies!

After everyone goes home, the girls are in bed and it's just Aaron, myself and the furkids in the livingroom.  
BeBe .... I's so tired Mommi...

Ahhh ... BeBe makes a good pillow Mommi. 

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