Thursday, April 22, 2010

Furbulous Giveaway!!! :)

What can I say .. I'm a sucker for awesome home mades and this just happens to be my possble lucky day.  Maybe yours as well for all those who read.  ( holy cow.. my desk is right next to my clothing washer and it's in spin cycle... everything is blurry .. lol ) 

So anyhoo ... The MilShelb is doing a fun little giveaway of handmade collars.  Who can beat hand made. Nothing like the care put into something that was made out of love for the furry kind huh?  :) 

So I'm having fun and doing my part to enter.  Everyone else check out the sweet little blog and do your part.  May the best furries win!  :)

Mommy's ala Sarah's top 5:
  1. Dachsies ... no ifs ands or .. well I do love their lil butts. Ha. 
  2. Kitties.. what can't leave the fursibs out now can I? 
  3. Antiques..  vintage cats and now starting to hunt for the elusive Dach's as well
  4. My children.. without them I wouldn't have the awesome title of .. Mommy.  
  5. My hubby.  He is my everything and more. 
Molly's top 5:
  1. Without a doubt.  BeBe ... he's her favorite beat em' up chewy toy. 
  2. Ducky ... she has a fetish for the lil yellow sqeauky guy
  3. Zukes Berry treats.  lil piggy
  4. to bark like MAD at air particles, passers by and her own toots. Ha
  5. lazing in the hot sunbeam God so kindly shines through the window.. just for her.. she thinks. 
BeBe's top 5:
  1. Mommy... anytime .. anywhere.  
  2. Car rides.. "Did someone say ByeBye?" 
  3. A patch of fresh dug earth .. thanks Molly this dirt is Nomz! 
  4. Wadded up paper..  lil turkey can shred better than the paper shredder ever dreamed of. 
  5. The new bed that Grammy bought em. 
Kai's top 5:
So far this is still a new one so I'll go with what I have learned in the past few days.  :)
  1. Anything that squeaks.  Oh my what joy! 
  2. The Carob cookies from PetCo.  Oh what heaven he never knew existed. 
  3. The girls having bath time.  Just WHAT are they doing in there.  He has to know.
  4. Snuggle time on my neck or head.  This new soft warm loving place just has to be right huh?
  5. Zoe.. my gosh I've never seen a lil tail zoom back n forth so fast!  

Emma approves of this message .. giving it one Raspberry ... thhhpft..   :) 


  1. We just saw her post about this.
    Loooove alls your lists, especially BeBe's wadded up paper...I love me some paper.
    uh and by da way, don't skeer us like that again, you know leaving...we gots all kinds of confused and anxiety an such. We was REALLY worried. Now I'm going to checks out your new addition.

  2. Hi! I just noticed that you have become a follower of my blog. I couldn't find a way to send you an e-mail, so I'm connecting here. I love your "Dachshund Thoughts" must have interviewed my two girls when you put that together. Anyway, glad we have connected. I'm following you now, too!

  3. Thanks for entering! We love new dirt, too... BeBe's a smart one! We really like digging new holes in the yard and then having a taste or two of the new ground! Yummy! Mom hates it when we do that because we have dirt all stuck in our noses!