Thursday, January 27, 2011


A lazy cross posting from my dachsie forum to help spread a lil black n tan joy.   : ) 

Original comment was here..

doxierock; said....  think the next one needs to be a black and tan! he is a cutie!

I said .... Now as much as I think BT's are cute, everyone around here has one ( edit.. I mean in Oregon.. that's where I see them ). I refuse to assimilate. : )

So yeah ... longish story short. Today Aaron and I drove to Eugene to purchase a set of dishes I had spied on Craiglist New Years eve. They came all the way from Yuba City, CA this morning as the lady had to pick her daughter up from the train station. Wow lucky for me! I had no intentions of bringing home anything but my dishes and perhaps some junk shop treasures. On our way home, in my usual fashion I was gawking at the Craigslist for Eugene as Aaron drove along and as you all know I was gawking at the pet section I'm a sucker, I look at em daily all over the state, all over the USA. Petfinder too. I pray for these lil homeless babies. So I said to Aaron .. ahh look a B&T just waiting for you to take him home and he's only 50 clams, he instantly perked up and said "REALLY??" ( Aaron has wanted a B&T something fierce ever since he and I were sitting online learning about Molly and we stumbled across colors of the Dachsie breeds. ) I said yeah really there is one. "Where?" I said about about 20 minutes back the way we came .. he was quiet then .. another 10 minutes.. "do you wanna go see it" ( oh lordy!! ) Me .. well ... if you want to .. otherwise it doesn't matter to me ( still driving south at this point ) quite for a bit more.. Do you want me to call on him? and immediate yes from the drivers side.. Before I had called I told Aaron, I don't even think I have 50 bucks in cash. Low and behold, exactly 50 bucks.

So I called, Aaron pulled off at the next exit a little faster than BeBe ( who was with us ) or I cared for .. Whiplash had nothing on that mans sudden excitement. I plugged the address into the Map thingy on the phone and back up I-5 we went. Finally finding the place, it was pitch black out by now ( we were supposed to be almost to the exit to the Coast at this time ) I'm tentatively ringing someone's doorbell while he's kinda looming behind me with this insane bouncy energy. A fellow opens the door and I ask is this the right place for the little black and tan, guy makes a joke to which I was like OMG wrong door then laughs and says no come on in. We are greeted by a mass of wriggly joy. I am pretty much shuved out of the way as Aaron, all 6'2" of him is on the floor being licked to death. I gave up on him and started my barrage of questions. What does he eat, his food schedule, potty sched, sleep, vetting, yadda yadda. Then when I am satisfied and they most likely think I am a wack job, I ask Aaron shall we introduce him to BeBe. Out the door we go and they meet. Snif snif, BeBe tries to climb up my leg but settles down and decides to snif back. All in all that portion went well. We all stand and talk more about the dogs.

Come to find out the man was only to watch the dog for a friend, 2 weeks became months, then a year, has girlfriend who does not care for the dog ( she was a big dognot a whimpy dog ) I said nothing but thought lots. They called him Snoopy. Snoopy isn't going to stay his name, it doesn't fit him so I'm currently thinking.

So in the end, this choice was not my choice, I left it 100% to Aaron and I told him before we ever got to the place if you blame me for him leaving a poopy in the kitchen I will point my finger and say oh no .. those 4 are mine .. that one is yours. Hehehe Most likely I will just laugh and give him a knowing look. So far he has us both around his lil paws.. Tomorrow is bath day and claw trim as his claws are just OMG too long. Grrr.

But as I look down.. there he is .. at my feet, he's home and he knows it, the Weens like him and I give it just a few days before there is zoomie play. He's a Dog's dog I think. Loves all.
I can dig that.

Oh and Doxierock .. I openly admit.. I've been .. assimilated.

So .... we see that the new boy has a bit of Flubbage we're going to gently work on removing

Nonono .. DIZ ... is my cute side.. yes no?

Oh yesh ... I wikes diz Star...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happiness starts with V..

V ... for Vintage.  : )

While most hunt for new .. I hunt for old. I love and treasure old things and like to give them knew purpose in my house. Usually it's useful things but sometimes you just gotta have "stuff" that is utterly useless other than if only making your heart melt with happiness when you see it.

It's usually really rare that my Mom leaves the "village" as I call it and heads either north or south to the bigger towns that are about 25-30 mins away from us. But last weekend ( and this one too ) she ventured out and invited me along. Childless... ( aka girls stayed home with hubby )  it was an adventure into thrift stores, collectible and antique shops. I was in Squee heaven.

Last Saturday's treasure... I love how it says Hi Friend .. haha

Yesterday's treasure ...

Ahh the simpler things in life that make me do a happy dance especially when my Mom says.."do you want that?"
I feel like I'm 5 again sometimes. Oh yes Mommy .. yes yes yes I do!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Growing Pains

To make a long story short ... I am having growing pains.  The miracle of seeing my little girls grow up before my eyes is beyond amazing and wonderful and yet it is extremely bittersweet and painful to me.

Today was the big day.  The crib came down and the bunkbeds went up.  Ouch.   At first I totally refused to let the crib come down.  I wasn't having it one bit.  So there it stayed while hubby worked at getting the BB together.  But as I watched Emma's excitement over the "new" BB my guard wavered over the crib.  She pointed to the lower portion and kept saying my bed, my bed?  Pointing at the top, Zoe's bed?   As I realized that their tiny room just wasn't a fun place to be if I tried to keep Emma little forever I caved and allowed the crib to be taken apart.  I didn't stay to watch but I did come back in to rearrange, make the beds up and even sort through old toys.

So now .. my little girls are becoming big girls.  As much as I love it.  I kinda hate it.  I want them small and innocent forever.  *sigh*

So here's their new bed ... in such a small room you need a high rise for play space.

I believe.. they both approve.



Monday, January 3, 2011

Amaryllis .... Pt. 2

In November I had posted about buying an Amaryllis bulb on a whim and finding out that there was much more to it than I had imagined. Amaryllis ... Pt.1

On Christmas day I looked over at my lovely green stem to realize that it was close to blooming. Wow had time flown so quickly? New Years morning I was presented with sheer beauty and a feeling of happiness because I knew my Grandpa would have been tickled to see it's lovely, velvety petals that had opened during the wee hours of the night. The best part is knowing that not only would I get to enjoy 4 blooms,  there was a second length of wonderful goodness that was promising more.   Good things come to those who are patient enough to wait.  One thing I learned from my Grandpa ... patience.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011


or perhaps just changes in lifestyle and the way things are within.

1.  To be a better listener. 
I know a lot of people think I am a great listener and for the most part I am but sometimes my thoughts wander and I lose tract of where I should be at the moment in time when I should be 100% focused.

2.  To be a better wife.  
Now my hubby would say I'm wonderful because he's just utterly sweet that way.  But I know better.  I can be a very self centered selfish brat at times.  I'm a woman.  Show me a woman who says different about how she can be at times and I will show you a liar.  : ) 

3.  To read to my children more often.  
Not just once in a while.  I'm talking much more often.  I want them to have a love of books just like Aaron and I do.

4.  Walk more.  
Not always with the dogs either.  Just get out there and take a walk at random, by myself, with the family, with the weens..  Just do it more.

5.  To write more on my blog. 
It's a document for myself, of my thoughts, feelings and other mindless jibberish.   Whether or not someone reads it isn't important but I do enjoy that others take a peek once in a while, truth be told.

6.  To smile more. 
The hell with growing old and getting wrinkles.. I want to laugh more, smile more and let the world see my joy when I'm 80 as it's etched into my face with laugh lines.  They can make me look perfect with feature builder when I'm dead!  ( yeah .. you learned something new about after death botox there eh? )

7.  Go over to my parents house and do yard work without being asked.
Not that they ever have.. but it's the little things that you don't have to do in life that are the most awesome.  Their yard is huge, I can mow it and they can drink lemonade while they watch it happening.

8.  Learn how to sew and sew good!
I am going to dust my sewing machine off and wear it out.  Or at least wear myself out with frustration. Either way it's happening this year!

9.  Buckle down and start cracking away at what little debt we have. 
It's time to quit procrastinating about it.  It's not going to go away until I make it go away!!

10.  I'm just going to be happier.  
Unsure of how I am going to go about this but I have my mind set to wake up each day, think of at least 3 positive things before even leaving the bed and then greeting my morning head on with a good attitude.  It's going to happen.  I am going to be so freaking happy sunshine is gonna shoot from my butt.
(you laughed.. admit it! )

So what are your goals?  I know what ever you set your mind to ... you can do.  XoXo
Happy 2011 all!