Monday, April 5, 2010

All for BeBe

I have come to the very naughty realization that I favor a little someone in my home.  I wonder how many other Dach Moms do and  try to deny it?  It's been something I've noticed since day one with BeBe.  Hubby tends to spoil Ms Molly and I baby the BeBe.   So I guess in a way it's ok.  They get love all around from both of us and extra attention in different ways.   It was just needing to admit that I coddle my pookie tanookie bear something fierce.   I am always hunting for t-shirts for him to wear and sadly having not much luck.   He's sporting a cute skull one I found at Ross of all places.  I even haunt thrift stores hoping to find a good pre-loved one.

No Petco's, no Petsmart's.   I don't really like to order online because I really want to feel the type of material I am going to buy before making a purchase.  Paper thin doesn't cut it for me.  Been there, got burned, wont be doing it again any time soon.

It makes me nuts.  Since he's an Isabella he has very thin fur and he's always shivering.  While that makes for LOTS of snuggle and cuddle time which I do love it also makes for frustration.  I have been able to find a few sweaters but they bunch up oddly or his poor leg slips through causing major play malfunction in the middle of a good BoBo chase.  Suddenly the 3 legged Doxie appears and he's not sure how to manage.  It's a fast sinking ship without a paw landing in the correct place.

So for now it's baby blankies out of the dryer ( yes he's that spoiled ) and snuggling with sister when I don't have a moment to sit with him.


Well enough of that blather.  I need to make a real point here .. his t-shirt in the photo just got me rambling.

BeBe.. what you are to me.

  • My constant love bug companion.  
  • My cold nose in the palm of my hand when the world feels like it's closing in.
  • My ever eager let's go for a walk weight loss buddy. 
  • My lil ball of snuggly goodness when I'm feeling sad. 
  • My Co-chef in the kitchen
  • My lil sugar cube..  No BeBe the rain wont melt you now go pee dang it! 
  • My toe heater when the bed is chilly... ahhh nothing beats your warmth. 
  • My make Daddy jealous weapon when he wants to snuggle and I only want you.  hehe :) 
  • My howler.  Gawd I love it when you howl.  Makes me cry your lil trembling chin is so cute!!
The list goes on and on..  But I might make some people gag about how attached I am to my pookie tanookie bear!  :)

Much love to all that take the time to read.


  1. I loved this post! We have 2 Dachshunds and we like to think they picked their "favorites". haha! When we got them I had planned for Milly to be "mine" and Shelby to be my husband's. Well, Shelby is just so prissy... so of course she stole my heart. And Milly loves playing and rough-housing... so she's Jake's. Of course we both love the others ones, too... but they know who loves them most. :) It's funny to see who they trust. If my husband is around Milly runs to him when she is afraid or just wants attention. Shelby runs to me for the same things. I am glad to see someone else who is as obsessed with their "babies" as we are!

  2. I'm right here with you. I don't show any favoritism towards my doxies but Albert holds a special place in my heart. As long as they don't sense it then I can live with it. He will always be my "Buddy". We have such an amazing connection.
    Puddles has to wear sweaters in the winter because she shivers to. We always look for the sleeveless ones...let's face it, doxies are shaped weird.
    Beautiful post.