Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 6.... Mowie my sister

Today .. dis bwog gonna be about my sister Mowie  ( Molly Mom says ... ) ignores my Momi she's picki about my typin.  Hey I gotz paws whut does she espet frum me huh?

she gots sum big eyebawz huh?

Mowie is de most awesome sister except sometimes she wikes to pick on me.  Ok all de time she picks on me.  It getz pweti old.   When they adopted me Mowie was der to see me for the firs time.  It was nice becuz I was kinda scawred. She gave me a gud sniffin all over, told me about how spoiled she was and dat I was just fur her to make her hapi.   Tho Momi tolds me she wuvs me best sumtims becuz I dont try to stuffs my tongue up her nosie like Mowie does and I don't fartz like she does either.  hehehe.

Mowie trying to lok all princessie here.

Pweti gud huh? 
I halped Momi takez the piktur. 
Im still learnins the flashy thing. 

Dis is Mowies Paw. 
I like to bite dees. She bites my wegs so I getz her pawz. Ha.

See my clsed eyes? Dats becuz all she does iz bawk bawk baawwk at everyting.  Dat piktur is mid bawk Mom sez.

Well my pawz is getin tired.  I just wanted to share my sister Mowie wif you all.

Much wuvs and teeni cheek kissez. Im best at dos.
Bawk! , BeBe

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  1. hee - thanks for sharing, you both are so gorgeous!!