Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 2 .... Procrastination

So yes .. I admit it I am a procrastinator of the worst kind.   It doesn't matter what it is..... I am running around at the last moment doing it.   The worst part is that when I wake up I make a list while sitting here at my desk ( procrastinating .. aka reading e-mail, face-booking, DBB, craigslist and what ever ELSE catches my eye ) of things to do during the day.

On my list was..  you guessed right.  Writing here.  So now it's currently 10:44pm and I sit with the keys clicking away.   I have the occasional Squirrel moment when something else in the room catches my eye and my mind wanders.  So by the time I'm done it will be 12:44pm no doubt.  :)

But there is something to be said for being a procrastinator.   I got the most adorable shot of my pups tonight while watching "New Moon" Yeah .. I'm a pathetic follower of sorts.  Read all the books, watched both movies ( though the first time I watched it ... it was downloaded right here off the good ol internet ) and can't wait for the third movie to come out.   I'm a junkie of sorts.  When I like something.  I really like it. 

So about this picture.   This was just a total luck shot.  I was being obnoxious with the flashie thing tonight.   I know at some point there will be a turd snuck into my shoe for all the flashing going on.    But I tell you the turd will be worth it.

What say you? 

And they call it puppy love.

So tonight... dear dachsie lovers that might be reading this.  I have PROOF that the lil butt munkeys can co-exist in love and harmony.   :)   Nothing better than Dachsie love.  <3

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