Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just art...


I love art of all kinds.  I love Dachsie art.  How each person captures a Dach in their own way. 

And even though I'm not fortunate to be owned by one right now.  I really do love the Black and Tans. 

I'm rather fond of this one and intend to try to give it a go with the shades of BeBe instead.   If I ever get brave enough to post my finished work my blog will be the first place to see it.  

Such amazing skill with pencil.   Knowing my luck if I tried this I'd just be a smug of lead on the side of my palm.  :) 

It almost makes you wonder.. what's so interesting on the other side?

They should make this the one that goes on each rescue site.  Adoptions would increase tenfold.


  1. I love Dachshund art, too. It's awesome. I really want to start collecting it and fill up a wall in my house with it. I also have plans to get my dogs pictures made and have them blown up really big and make it look art-sie as well. :)

  2. We love dachshund art and collectables also. Too afraid to buy too much, don't wan't to be called the crazy dachshund lady.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - I'm probably already called the crazy dachshund lady

  3. Hi Molly and Bebe,

    What beautiful portraits! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Riley and Star.