Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ack ...

So here I sit at 11:46pm feeling the feeling of guilt.  I neglected this blog until it was nearly too late this evening.  I have a good excuse though.  The tv has been getting Showtime lately and has been showing some pretty funny movies.  Shameless to say.   I was glued to the TV.   I usually NEVER watch TV.  Ever.  Ask people that know me and they will confirm it. The TV to me is a waste of a mind.  

Gasp.   I spent several hours wasting away.  

But I had help dang it.   BeBe laid on me, pinning my left arm down as I was laying on the couch.  Molly ganged up with him and decided to lay against my side.  I was stranded by them.  Honestly.

I have no proof of it tho.   Today I took not a single photo.  Amazing.   I have a phone that I use constantly to take photos with.  I love my phone because of this.  But today.  Today I was just Mom and Wife.  No technology other than .. the TV but gosh darn it... it was after the kids went to bed.  :)

So that's my lame excuse for a pathetic entry this evening. 

Tomorrow.  Pictures.  Will be better.  :)


  1. we are looking forward to the pictures ... dont feel guilty. movies/wasted hours let our brains rest so the creativity stores up to come out stronger and better when we let it xx

  2. Not to worry, our mommy has days like that too! Hope you have a terrrific week!

    Riley and Star.

  3. Hi Hannalei, Molly and Bebe! Thank you for visiting my blog and reading about chocolate cake. You two dachsies are really cute and adorable. Kane tries to lay on top of me as well....but then I can't breathe and that's not good. So he warms my feet instead. We're glad you are enjoying some quality time together! Looking forward to pictures!