Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 3..... eBay .... it's evil.

I aimlessly GAWK at things on eBay.  It seems like anything and everything is on that site.   My most searched for item of course is Dachshund things.   Not that I ever buy but I do love to look. 

My most wanted items as of .. well 30 mins ago.
  •  Steiff Dachshund.  I need THIS!
Ok so maybe I don't need it but I do love myself a good stuffie just like the furkids do.  I may not attack it, rip it's stuffing out and mame it to the point of not knowing what it was to begin with but I do find myself feeling little again when I look at the few stuffies I do own.  ( or maybe they own me? )

  • Doxie photo frame. 

Why?  It's got two slots, I've got two Dox.
Yeah.  I def need this.   Will I buy it?  Doubtful as I just hate buying things without being able to see them in person first.  But it's tempting.  It would go perfect on my nightstand. 

  • Fuzzy Nation Dachshund Purse

For those who don't know me well.  I would SO use it and flaunt it.  Nuff said.  Louis Vuitton has nothing on that purse! :)

So for now..  my three greatest wants.  I think I am tired this evening.  I didn't seem to want for much.  Usually there is a sponge sitting near the desk to catch the drool.  I have a Dach addiction.  I need D.A.A. treatment I swear.  :)

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  1. I remember those purses in Macys several years ago- I loved them- got another type if dachsie purse for my mother in law- it was furry, just like a stuffed animal one.