Monday, March 29, 2010

So many thoughts this evening...

where do I begin.   I have no clue.  Half the time it feels as though my mind just wants to explode thoughts as I type but then I sit here and nothing comes.  What gives?   Hmmmpf...

Sith's have nothing on Molly.

PEW PEW I shoot you...

BeBe.. with the red filter on.  How I love his nose. 
I mean how could you not love that nose?  It snifs, it snuffles
it leads his way to Noms each day. Soft like velvet and cold 
like a toilet seat when it pokes you in the wrong place.  Brrr..

"I kiss his nose"  Even Molly adores that nose. See what 
I mean? How could anyone not love that handsome snoot?

So for those that don't know.  I volunteer at the K9 Shelter we have here in town.  It's a very small one and I for one am very proud at how clean and neat we keep it.   We seem to have a low rate of pups coming in and sometimes we go to other shelters to bring one here.  Adoptions seem to be very successful.  I have not witnessed one come back since I've been helping.   But then I've only been there just about 2 months.   I go each Monday evening and weekends.  It's something I look forward to greatly.   You see..  I used to be a Golden owner.  A big dog lover.  I still am and that's how I get my fix.   I love on them and they love me in return.   I can give back to my community in a small way.  I can't give them $ because well .. let's face it I know I'm considered poor by income standards but I have time to give and what better way?  It's a good give give situation for me. 

This evening I went in.  We had 3 dogs.  Tonight I got a note that we are now down to 2.  Someone drove all the way from Portland to adopt one of our furkins.   What pleasure it gave me to read that note.  I pray for a long and happy furever home.  

So here's a self portrait of myself.  Wet from being outside playing with the furkins in the rain.  I look so much better with a bit of makeup and my hair not plastered to my face.  But it's me.  Au natural. 
It's a small shelter like I said.  Room for 8 dogs, 4 on each side.  Before taking in small dogs was an issue because they could escape but they have just put up a new building that will house small ones as they come in.   Forbid that they do.  I might bring them home with me.  I have yet to see the inside of it.  It's still fenced off from the main yard.  I'm not sure if the inside is done yet.  But we will have a washer and dryer that someone so kindly donated.  A toilet <--- that was a big hooray from all the ladies that volunteer.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  It will be a good thing. 

Now last..  but never ever least.  Something special to share.   
My sweet Zoe, only 7 loves to draw and came up to me this evening with this wonderful bit of art.  I can't wait to see the next creation. 


  1. aw, love all the pictures. Zoe is very talented, to boot!


  2. From one dog lover to another, thankyou. You are helping them. Thats all we can do, love and help them.
    P.s my 7 year old is a few posts back, come take a look. I think they'd be great friends x