Friday, March 19, 2010

How Bebe came to be....

Well as everyone knows by now we've rehomed Maisie to a wonderful couple who truly know what Corgi's are about inside & out. Poor Molly just didn't understand WHY her furfriend was suddenly gone. As I ALWAYS am gawking at Dach ads ( yeah you all know I'm pathetic ) I had spotted this lil boys ad about a few weeks ago but like all the lil faces I drool over them and continue on. I just like looking at pictures. I admit it.

I just couldn't handle Molly being miserable. We're talking full on limp dog slumming. I get a lil frantic when any of my furkins seem unwell. All she needed was a fainting couch and a camera rolling. I mean diva to perfection. Yeah .. it was killing me. So yesterday morning for giggles I started looking over Oregon's Dach ads. Petfinder didn't so much workout for me because every single one within distance was no kids no cats no breathing around the dach wrong pretty much. Aaron and I talked about it and though puppies are amazing we really wanted to seek out an adult who needed us as much as we needed him for Molly ( and for our personal need of petting and snuggling greed hehe )

So here I am sitting, wading through 200-900 dollar dogs. *faint* Well that's just never going to happen. Feeling more and more bummed I was about to say ahh screw it and just look another time. Then I happened onto the Kijiji listing for Bebe again. ( previously known as Jimmy Dean ) I called Aaron in and asked him what he thought about a boy? He just looked at me, shrugged and was like um CALL!!! So I called and got to speak with his owner. We spoke, talked about him and another she has. I asked if it was possible to perhaps come see him "TODAY" ( well today was yesterday now ) I could feel the excitement starting to just bubble over too. She said sure and gave me directions. Oh my gosh I've never ran around this house so fast gathering all the crap I might need to bring a baby home. HA.

So we drove about an hour to visit with him and oh my goodness all his lil furkin friends. I was in DACH heaven. Long hairs, smooths. Oh heavenly. All I can say is I want at least an acre now when I buy a home so that I can have more. *dreamy face* I learned a TON more Dach info from the lady as well. Good lord she must have thought we were such tards. I would ask her something while Aaron ( who was sitting on the ground being romped upon by fur and kisses ) was oblivious to what was being said ... then suddenly he would pop up with pretty much the same question. We were just in our height of glory with all those beautiful kids zipping around. Molly did really well with everyone zipping around once she got used to the idea that all these little furries sure looked a lot like her.

So I gave Aaron the .. "can we look". He gave me back the "oh my gosh yes look." Within a few moments of deciding we were on the road. He was alright on the ride home. Aaron held him part of the way and I the rest after we stopped to have a potty break. I didn't even THINK to bring the carrier. DUH! We got home, took them both to the side yard for a bit of a stretch and potty break. No potty to be had by Bebe. Several times of in and out and FINALLY this morning he went. He did pretty well through the night. At first we did separate crates but he wasn't having that so we decided to place him in with Molly and just latched the top latch on it so that in the event we had to zip outta bed and do a removal we could get one of them out quick. He whined a bit, fussed a bit, Molly growled a "shut up and go to sleep kid" and he piped right now, settled under a lil blakie I gave to him and passed out. I woke up extra early, popped up outta bed. Got dressed real quick and did my normal routine with the crate.. I get all high pitched and I said.. READY ... AIM .. ( hand on the latches. and then the last one ) FIREEEEEEE and Molly comes flying out, he comes flying out after her and I say "Let's go POTTY." We go out and there and he's just standing there with his leg cocked, firing away at a patch of grass for heck a good minute. ( now anyyyy of you that have laid in bed WAYYYY to long in the morning when you've gotta GO because it's so warm in bed and cold outside of the bed know exactly what I was thinking.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. LMAO )

Bebe's info .... He was whelped July 12, 2008 so he will be 2 this year. He is a Isabella, fawn and tan. So he has lil tan eyebrows. Hehe. He weighs just over 9 lbs when I took him to the lil pet supply store in florence. She has a scale to weigh the cookies she sells but said to pop him up there so we could get an idea of what harness would fit him best. I bought one but I'm returning it tomorrow. It bunches up on him. So I'm still searching for a harness that works. I didn't find any in town that I liked either. Ugh small town shopping stinks.

So anyhoo ....there ya have it.. Bebe's story.
Now onto the fun part. PICTURES

Aaron's first time holding Bebe

Hello.. I's Bebe

a side o' me u neber seen before

Mi chwin iz pwetti huh?

Yea I noze I's hansum

HEY gives mi a kiss

We b snoozin

Mi & my new Hoodaddy. I wuvs him. I's his boy he sayz.

Whhhatt... so itz pink. Sissy needz to share wib mi.

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