Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 7 ... Nothing Dachsie today..

Well as promised here are a couple shots of the "lot" that I was able to pick up for what I felt was dirt cheap.

A rather large trash bag stuffed to the brim about to explode... 

Ahh explosion happens..

All in all it was a great find at a great price.   I did have to de-stain a few items but when you're getting pre-loved items there is no promise of them being flawless.   The lighting I viewed them in wasn't the best and the lighting here in my laundry room is superior because I'm a neat/stain freak.   It's ok though.  I still got a great deal and for that I am happy.

Now... I am curious. 

Is it poor when you tape a hanger because the bottom half of it broke or is it frugal?
Why?  Because I just did it.   I felt poor while doing it but once I was done and thought aha a hanger saved instead of tossed I felt frugal and rather green for not being wasteful.   I just wonder if anyone else has similar experiences in life like that.  It was something so small but it really made me wonder. Am I poor or just frugal?


  1. While I have never taped a hanger back together, I've certainly committed other frugal acts:) Love your blog header photo!

  2. never poor, but hopefully not futile! the metal hook of one of those velvety hangers I bought at TJ Maxx broke, and I never could fix that dang thing!

  3. Just stopping by to show some love this Saturday morning.

    Woof Y'all,

  4. Frugal-definitely. Now if I was more like you!!!