Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 8 ... Ahh forget counting the days...

I'm a wee bit lonely tonight.   You see my husbands shift is all messed up right now due to the fact that they had some training thing going on at work.  Each shift had to work some weird hours so they could all get this training work felt they needed.   So here I sit.. awake..  while hubby sleeps, hopefully dreaming of good things. 

While browsing through the "millions" of pictures I seem to take of everything and anything today I found a few I thought I would share.

The first being of BeBe. 

How many times have you caught your Dach just sitting there with a far off look on their face.  I often wonder what they are thinking about.   He was just laying there with his head against my knee while I softly stroked his lovely fur crooning pathetic baby talk to him.   Is he thinking about what once was.  Is he missing his old life and Dach friends.  Is he content and that's why he looks rather peaceful to me?   I really hope it's the last "wonder".   I'd like to think that he is very much pleased with the direction his path in life has taken.   I'd like to think that he loves us just as much as we love and adore him. 


The second photo is of course.. of Molly and her furless sister, Zoe.  Here I caught the true essence of Mollyness.   Who knew a Dach tongue could extend so far?   Only another Dach owner of course.  Our Molly wants nothing more than to give you a good lick over..  At least 3 or 4 times if possible.  We fondly call her Miss Licky.


Third .... 

What can be said for the love of Dachsies? Everything and anything.  Nothing beats it.  I love it when they both feel they have to lay on me.   Sometimes I turn the world off for a bit and just watch them.   They shuffle a bit jockeying for the best spot.  Sometimes erupting into a full fledged nip and play game.   But always settling down, with a pppfttt, a hmmmpfft and a sigh here and there.  
I love them.  I believe they love me. 


  1. oooh, I can tell the love is DEFINITELY mutual!!


  2. Hi Molly and BeBe,

    We just came across your blog and we would love to be your new friends!

    Please come by our blog and say hi!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Riley and Star.

  3. Well hello all the way from Ausralia! Id love to read your blog. Can I Can I?
    My name is Major and I have 4 little people (furless) and my Mum (shes furless too) and the other man (dad) (hes sometimes furless).
    I hope we can be friends cause I think Bebe is so cute!
    xx Major

  4. They do make it easy to forget the rest of the world for a bit. Dogs really do rule. :)