Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That's MR. Crate Pee'r to you ...

Ok .. so I need all the patience prayers I can get right now.    
KAI a crate pee'r.  I blame this due to the fact that he was most likely allowed to wizzy wink where ever he liked in his previous situation.    We limit water before bed time, make sure he gets a late night potty break before tucking him in with the "old" towels since Mr. Pee can't have a big boy bed until I don't have to wash a towel everyday.   He gets tons of tee tee breaks with his fursibs during the day and tons of praises every time I see him doing his goodness "outside"  Treats too.  I'm going bonkers with the crate peeing tho.

How could something SO cute make a person so mad sometimes?  

Dear Kai ... 
Mommy is asking you nicely here. 
Please learn to be a big boy and not tinkle in your crate at night.  
It's icky, your lil warm towel is icky and I have to bathe you too much because you smell icky. 

Icky isn't fun.  Pee free is awesome.  Keep trying lil Kai before Mommy goes to the looney bin to live. 


  1. Thanks for visiting our bloggie! We love new friends!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three!!

  2. Woo. Poor little guy. And mom says poor you, too.
    We had two thoughts. Well, OK, mom had them. One - is his crate "too big" -- in other words, can he piddle, then go to a different part of it to escape the potty area? "They" say a pup won't normally foul their own area. Second - have you had him checked for a possible UTI or something? Maybe he can't help it and just needs some antibiotics or something!
    Zim and I had a thought, too. Maybe a short walk around the neighborhood before bed? That way he can mark everything, happily leaving pee mail everywhere - then his bladder will be nice and empty. Sometimes a quick trip to the yard will yield just a quick piddle - not a bladder-emptying one.
    We hope that helps!

  3. Sweet Dave .. I wish it was something so simple as a UTI ( not that I want him to have one of those by any means) I could cure that really quick. His crate is a smaller one and he tiddles all over it. He came from a back yard breeder situation and had no training what so ever. So we're working on the crate pee problem. As soon as he can make it over a month without so much of a tinkle he can move into the large crate with big sister and brother. We take up the water 2 hours before bedtime, he get's pottied right before we go to bed which is relatively late and Daddy takes him out before he leaves for work which is early. I think it's just time and patience. :)

  4. Dex is a crate peer too, it drives me nutso, because I KNOW he can hold it. He does hold it when we are not here, but its like he does it just to spite me. We put water up at 7 pm, and he goes out for last call at 10, and gets lots of breaks during the day, and he STILL has at least one incident a day in the crate. Walks do not work, he is too busy being nosy to pee on his walks. Hang in there, I totally feel your pee filled pain.

  5. kai's face cracks me up! love the cowlick and his big eager eyes. hand in there with the peeing - they do make doggie diapers - wonder if that might help in the interim?

    hee - i hear Tiffany about the spite peeing. Kep used to spite poop. He'd stand for 20 minutes outside and do nothing, yet take an immediate dump once he got back inside.

  6. Well, I wish I had an answer that would help. I am not any help though as Milly and Shelby are not crate trained. They stay out in the house and sleep with us at night. I understand the frustration though because when they were puppies they were peeing in MY bed every night... so at least it's the crate! :) I know it is hard. I think you're right, though, that is comes from what was allowed at his old house. Might just take time? I will say that I have always heard that the way to train a doxie is through his stomach... so keep up the treats! :) I wish you the best of luck!

  7. Sorry I can't give you an advice either!
    Like you said... it is a case of lots of patience!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  8. I had a similar problem with Alven because in his previous situation he was left alone in a small patio with just a rusted crate and he would have to eat, poop and pee all in the same area. When we got him he did not seem to understand what the big deal was about peeing on his nice new doggie bed or in his crate. He would just look at me like, "what is the big deal dude???" It takes a lot of patience for sure! What I did with him is I would just make sure to take him out every hour the first two days, then every two hours and then add an hour as he was able to hold it longer and longer. This way he never had the chance to have an accident in the house and since he was always peeing outside he finally figured it out. Though we did have one or two sets a couple of months later, but now he's doing great. We'll be rooting for you Kai. I know you'll get it eventually!


  9. It's frustrating! ^^; We pee/poo on newspapers!

  10. Wow ... 8 comments ( besides my own here ) Who knew that pee'ing can be such a universal gripe fest? :)