Monday, May 17, 2010

Crate Pee'er... the Saga

So I've changed out Kai's crate as I have read suggestions from not only here but the Dachshund forum I belong to that his crate might be too big. 

I have a new dilemma that I am having trouble finding information for on the internet.  Yesterday morning in the wee hours I was awoken by the cell ringing.  I had a pickup to do.  Never fun when you're half awake.  Away I went, did the job, returned home and landed myself warm and snug back into bed.  I'm half into blissful sleep when I happen to hear something you ONLY hear when there is a water bowl around.  Or should I say .. you should ONLY hear it when the water bowl is present.  Then and only then. 

Kai and pee'd in his crate and was lapping it up.  I was utterly disgusted.  Firm no lick pee's were issued.  The crate was cleaned up and I placed a towel in for the evening.  I'd rather deal with washing a pee towel than to have him lick it up.  YUCK ....  So last night .. no towel.. We slept all night and this morning .. yes.. I found trace of tinkle evidence which leads me to believe that when I was thinking he was going through the night without pee he was most likely licking it back up.

Kai has access to fresh water ( even with icecubes .. yeah I'm pathetic ) at all times.  All my furries do.  The only time water is taken up is about 1.5-2 hours before nighty night time while we're working on trying to get him to learn that the crate is a no pee zone.  So I doubt it's dehydration.

My question is..  Has anyone else ever experienced this?   I'm at my wits end.  Potty training is one thing but drinking pee is icky.

and on a lighter note..
my hubbys mooshy ooshy voice talking wussy puss talk to our kitter Chloe..


  1. Oh gosh...I havea no idea what to tell you about this. I smell mine bu thas bout it. I know alot of doggies eat poop.

  2. well, Milly and Shelby don't drink their pee, because it's either on pee-pads or outside, but they have been known to eat their poop... which is nasty. I spoke to the vet about it and he said that I should not scold them because it is what is expected for them to clean up their space. Now, I think it's gross... but, I understand that they think they are doing what is right. Apparently their mother would expect them to clean it up and so that is what they're doing. Maybe this is a similar thing with the pee? I really don't know. Hope you find an answer!

  3. Frankie's mom here... I'm rarely ever allowed to comment... But Frankie didn't know what to say. I do know that crated dogs will clean their crate just like a mother dog cleans up after her pups. A towel will prevent the drinking... but not the peeing.
    Is there any chance of an infection??? Or a very very small bladder? We had a dachshund that had a tiny bladder. She could NOT hold it for more than about 6 hours. Our vet said we could try taking water away 4 hours before bedtime... but... well that seemed unfair to the other two that we had. Soooo, we just Paper trained her. Problem solved. Hope this helps. You surely have three beauties there.

  4. That is definitely not a good time. It's probably a case of well I's here...i'm here...why not? The towels will help to keep it from becoming a puddle but he might still be licking the towels. I would suggest increasing the bathroom breaks and shortening the times in between until he is accident free and then working up to making him wait longer. Hey it can be worse. These pups can come up with a million ways to make us gag a little. Haha.