Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunny P. Kittykins

I have a very tender spot for ginger kitties.  I started the first portion of my adult life with an orange tabby who passed away a few years ago now.  I've been wanting, needing and missing a gingy in my life a lot since he's been gone.  Finally...  in a non-kitten form.  A bit of orangy goodness came to live with us. 

In short.. Sunny, in full, Sunny P. Kittykins.  Aaron says ..."Oh Jeeze" when he hears the full name.  :)  But ... he's already been caught doing the baby rock with him.  ;)


Sunny is a special boy as one of his paws is not like the other.  He has a fused shoulder so one side is a touch shorter than the other.  He jumps, runs and plays with the best of them.  When he walks he has a bit of a "slink"    We, think he's perfect.  :)

Mmmm sunshine on my Sunny .. makes me happy! 

Even with his wee little defect he pops up onto the cat tree like it's nothing for his afternoon nappy. 

The best part is ... I no longer have to advertise for a familiar top ride my broom with me this Halloween. 

Sunny ... has it covered!  :)

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  1. He is very cute. He looks a lot like my Little Louie.