Friday, October 12, 2012


There is NOTHING .. and I do mean NOTHING like opening the can of paint and dipping a brand new brush into it's lovely creamy texture.  I felt bad for the poor paint brush, all pristine and new. It had no clue what hard labor it was in for.  Neither did my arm.  :) 

Today I spent the afternoon putting on the first coat of paint on my McDougall Cabinet.  There is something thrilling about putting on that first coat of paint.  Who knows, maybe it was the fumes but when I was done I really did do a happy painting dance.  The process is just that one step closer to being finished and being in my kitchen as a useful and amazing vintage piece.  I am excited! 

One bit down, the rest to go ...

Those slats.... one at a time... ugh!   :)

The "view" of a finished first coat.  I am happy!

Thanks for peeking and have an amazing weekend everyone! :)

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