Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Doxie Digs

So today .. while happily gawking at Craigslist I wandered into the pet section.   Tabu in my world.  I have too many furbs.   Low and behold a stroller for 15 dollars.   I emailed, she emailed back and I went to have a look see.   Well the stroller would have been fine for the more petite in life.  At 5'11' it just wasn't going to happen.  In my mind I was saying damn damn damn over and over because I was hoping to take Shiloh out on leisurely strolls.   Oh well ...  but then I remembered the other postings I saw here in town and asked about them.

One was for a large metal crate and an X-pen. ( exercise pen )

The X-pen was big.   The old rusty wheels started thinking about $.   I asked about the crate.  The hubby got it out, oh it's big flat..  He set it up.  It looked easy .. it was HUGE.   Again the rusty wheel is clanking round and round.   Can I afford this?   Can I afford to NOT get these when I have so been wanting something larger ever since the weens accepted the 4th ween into the herd.  The mind said "Aaron's going to kill you"  ...  Hrmms.. hard to argue with that.  The deal was $75 bucks.   Right now that's painful but the weens needed it and in the end it helped remove 2 things from the bedroom in my mind.   I went for it.  *gasp*

I spent the next hour after coming home tidying up the pet carriers I have had sitting in the garage that I had intended to sell in a garage sale that I know would never happen and the crate so that I could put them onto craigslist.  Re-coup some of the moolah and not have to hear the hubby grouse too much.  He's good natured but he thinks my pooch obsession is crazy.  :) 

So here is the original pen that held 3 of them.  Not too bad of a size and they liked it fine with no complaints but when we tried adding Shiloh for an evening lots of whining going on and not enough room.


Then we have Shangri la 

An improvement.. No?


Shiloh approves... Molly already settled in behind him claiming her spot. 

The weens enjoying their new digs.  :)


  1. Very Nice Chateau. Good get!

  2. Heyyyy fantastic! They loooovvvee it!!!!!!!

    ~ Judy

  3. Nice and big condo for all of them!
    Kisses and hugs