Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happiness is ....

watching Shiloh play for the first time.   It wasn't overly exuberant zoomies but there was definite butt swing action happening.   For the first time in days I felt so good inside seeing it happen.   You see for the blog side of my world I haven't mentioned that I had to make the choice of putting my heart kitty down Monday the 28th.  He went to the rainbow bridge at 2:45pm.  It was extremely hard.  I worked 12.5 hours that day.  I didn't have much time to cry.  A good friend also lost her little Maggie May that day as well.  What a devastating day for us.
I am starting to believe that God placed Shiloh in my care perhaps not for Shiloh's well being but for mine.  Because he requires a bit more care than the others and is needing that extra affection right now I have had to focus more on him and less on my grief of losing my heart kitty.  Shiloh lays on his back, in my arms.. just like my Tigger did.  I find such comfort in that.  His silky tummy hair is like Mr. P's too.  Just little things in a "dog" that remind me of my "cat"  It makes me feel happy.

I have, however, been stressing over the fact that Shiloh's site is pretty much ... non-existent. Would the weens ever accept him into the sleeping pile.  Would they frolic with him.  Would he ever play?  He doesn't seem to get what a stuffy is but adores chew treats.   But today ... today I saw him play and it was like sunshine through a dark grey cloud.  I loved it.   I was able to catch some of it via my phone and so I share it here with you all to enjoy.

Shiloh's first real play.


  1. Now THAT was a video WELL worth watching. Sorry you are sad beclaws the rainbow bridge called for your loved one.

  2. aw, what a heartwarming sight!

  3. It was a matter of time!
    I loved watching Shiloh playing!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. butt swinging is always a good first step. slowly but surely he's coming into the pack. yay!

    flash, alven and dottie

  5. Woohoo! It's great that Shiloh is playing!

  6. i'm loving your blog! shiloh reminds me of dash - he was a puppy mill stud with major emotional problems, and he's needed extra tlc. watching him grow has been so amazing, the tiniest things make me so happy and proud. he is my baby love, and he filled a hole in my heart i didn't realize was there. i know shiloh will help you heal and more.