Friday, July 16, 2010

Being blind

doesn't mean you wont make friends.

Zoe and Shiloh, Independence Day

The Three amigos ...


Shortly after the photo was taken they were on the floor beating the snootle out of each other.  Molly, being the wise one, barked from the couch.  Egging them on but staying out of teeth aim. 

Shiloh has a way of making everyone love him.  Even my Dad sat and petted him for a bit and my Dad is a Dachshund HATER.   Getting bit as a child has it's effects on some I suppose.  I'm converting him to the dark side slowly but surely.  :)


  1. Aww, what a great picture of the three amigos! You can literally see the smile on Shiloh's face while he gets cuddles from Zoe. :-)

  2. LOL! We love that! "beating the snootle" out of each other!
    What pawsome pictures!!!

    (((hugs))) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi, & Xena

  3. We have ways to melt everyone's heart! ^^ We are sure grandpa will <3 us very soon!!

  4. The picture of Zoe and Shiloh is pawesome!
    The same happened with my human uncle. He does not like dogs (due to a sad experience with one doggie he loved a lot). He does not speak to me, and that make me feel nervous but the other day he gave me a treat and sometimes he likes to play with me!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Lorenza,

    What a wonderful thing. Treats and play time with your uncle. Just give him time. You will melt his heart. My 4 are working Grandpa every time they see him for nibblies. They already have Grandma puppy whipped. :)


  6. I just now saw all of this exciting news! Why am I not getting your blog updates? It is maddening! Anyhow, PRECIOUS new baby! I've gone to older posts and read them all. :) He's so cute. Why do people risk the double dapple idea? So dumb. Poor baby. His coloring is awesome, though. You know, not long after I got Shelby someone asked me to breed her with their dapple doxie (some stranger at Petsmart). I quickly told him just how stupid he was and to kindly leave her alone. lol

  7. Ai gente, quanto Dasch lindo! Eu só tenho a Pink e já morro de amores. Imagine se tivesse 4.

  8. Maggie .... I feel the same way. WHY on earth???? Because people are greedy and want to make a quick buck. Several of them to be exact. It's a sick sad world that doesn't care about the genetic side of what they are doing. Just popping out hopeless babies to turn a profit. Just kills me.