Monday, August 11, 2014

The Weens

Thoughtful moments ... Tobias is my bouncy trouncy playful Ween but he has his moments where he settles on my lap and just watches life go by ... he always looks so deep in thought during these times. I wonder what exactly he's thinking about. 

 photo 2_zps2c05ec7d.jpg 

 Mishka .. . for those that haven't seen him in a while he's gotten BIG hasn't he?
He's not my largest in the "pack" Just a hair above Tweenie status.  photo 1_zpse37cb2af.jpg 

Am I not the most handsome? Shiloh always has the sweetest poses ...
 he's showing his Dapper Dan pose here
   photo 4_zpsf94f4ec6.jpg 

You have a treat for me? It's SO rare that I can get a decent face shot of princess squirmy mcgee.. 

  photo 5_zps08ab6f65.jpg 

 BeBe ... He's got that delicate princess paw up as usual .. such a lil Diva ..  photo 6_zps591e92db.jpg 

 but wait... the diva was busted acting immensely silly.. 
 He will die when he finds out Momma posted this one.  photo 3_zpsece736db.jpg

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  1. Great shots of everybody. Love that last picture. BTW, the doggie in the last picture you said looked like you is our friend Happy, and she was at the vet when that pic was taken.

    ♥♥♥Mona & Prissy