Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happiness is .. Corn

After the Inspector Weens had made sure the corn had passed their approval it was time to start shucking, cleaning, blanching, cutting or mini cobbing.  I honestly have new respect for the elder generations who did this not because they wanted to .. but because they had to.  It's a lot of work but well worth it.  

It's important to get your kids involved in the process ... 
they need to understand where their food comes from and how "lucky" they are that they can just go to the store and pick it up from a shelf or a bin. There is a process that has to happen prior to being able to just stuff it in your mouth after it's been cooked. 

Mine totally enjoyed shucking the ears from their cozy husks. 
I was prepared for full on resistance.  
They continue to surprise me daily.  ;) 
  photo 1006_zps2ae44a74.jpg

The aftermath ...  
My littlest one proudly perched above the "mess" as she called it.
 photo 1013_zpsb1804490.jpg

The moment when I looked at the corn and thought.. 
what had I gotten myself into, all those silks had to be cleaned off as best as possible.. silks and I are not friends! 
 photo 1014_zps1b85eab2.jpg

Ready to be blanched..  
 photo 10012_zpsc3330d54.jpg

The end results.. some cut off freezing to be later placed in bags and some just turned into mini cobs.  I admit.. I cheated and did more mini cobs than cutting.  
 photo 10022_zpse6b5cd66.jpg

Of course you never leave the garden out of things..  tossed into a pile to dry out and later be worked into the garden when we till it up later this fall.
 photo 1015_zpsc2c6c110.jpg

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  1. OMD THAT is a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL thingy fur FAMILY FUN... that will be REMEMBERED by those girrrrls FOREVER... and will be ENJOYED again and again during Each Meal that has this corn as a part of it.
    We put our corn husks back into the garden also... butt NOT the Cobs...
    BRAVO BRAVO on the super TASTY Pawject. BRAVO.