Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chief Ween Inspectors ... Got corn?

Yesterday we were gifted with 3 crates of corn.  
Yes 3 .. that equals approximately 100+ ears.  Oh my!
My excitement over this abundance is high I tell you.   I know that there will be a lot of blanching, cutting corn off the cob and even cutting the cobs into mini sizes for freezing but....
 I'm alright with that. 
Yeah I say that now as I procrastinate to share this posty.  
Later ... is a different story. Ha!

Of course the Chief Ween Inspectors had to make sure it passed their approval.  Molly & Shiloh could have cared less really. But Toby, BeBe and Mishka were intrigued. I should say ... they were tickled that Mommy would let them near enough to snif, lick and possibly steal a bite.  Thankfully only sniffing occurred and no cobs were harmed in the process.  Such happy little squealy campers they were once I set them loose. Did I video.. no that would be too easy.  Out of 30+ photos these 3 were the clearest and decent enough to be shared with the world.  ;)

Mile a minute wagging tails here ...  
what is this stuffs??
 photo 1001_zps490c2619.jpg

Toby .. was very curious about the corn.  
He actually had to "crawl in" to investigate this interesting "stuffs" 
 photo 1002_zps15e6d321.jpg

 photo 1003_zps9188d179.jpg


  1. OMD OMD OMD LOOK at all that super duper corn!!! OH how WONDERFUL it will taste come Cold Winter Months... You use the COBS too??? HUMMM we have never tried that.

    1. Frankie & Ernie ...
      I mainly snapped the cobs in half to make minis and blanched them but the ones I decided to cut the corn off of were gifted to our wonderful neighbor lady across the street for her 3 chickens. They were in heaven. ;)

  2. Oh Corn..Corn.... I LOVE corn! Mom says when I eat corn, she can always spot which poops are mine! BOL

    Note from Mom...Thank you so much for your warm thoughts and prayers you left in a comment on our last post for our daughter.

  3. Amber... Let's just say that the Weens here enjoyed MANY cobs all to themselves and I've been spotting "corn" poos. ;)

    To Mom: You're so very welcome. We've been praying <3