Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunshine & Wagging Tails

A little sunshiny hello from the Oregon Coast today.  
Proof that we have not croaked ...  :)  

BeBe & Shiloh
 photo DSCN5251_zps5a78b8fe.jpg

BeBe .. .Mommy's boy as ever
 photo DSCN5252_zps1c8528ef.jpg

Shiloh ... always looking up. That's a great attitude to have!
 photo DSCN5253_zps0ab5430c.jpg

Miss Molly... this little girl is getting some sugar frosting around her chin.  This Mommy isn't liking it! 
 photo DSCN5258_zps88ab137c.jpg

Mishka ... the baby of the bunch and getting so big. 

 photo DSCN5267_zpsa0deda7f.jpg

Toby ... not shown because every photo I took was a blurry mess of him.  But he is in the vid below. 

Hope this note finds all my Dachshund friends well.  I know it's been a while.  I just needed a break from the bloggy world for a while.  I've been silently reading/lurking, etc.   <3 br="">


  1. Sunshine! Green grass! We are still waiting for this kind of weather. Love your happy doxies <3

  2. Hi furends! Its so great to have you back again :-)

    Hope that all has been well with our furry furends and all the hoomans.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Hi guys, we just love that video!! Looks likes your all having a great. Can we come over and play?