Friday, April 19, 2013

TOYS that drive the Weens NUTS

Yeah .. I am talking about those "educational" toys that make them think and work for their goodie. Burn a bit of calories so you can have the ultimate prize. The snackie within. 

Mishka and the much loved Holee Roller. 

It will last Mishka a good half hour or more. He will nudge it, roll it, pounce it, bark at it, whine at it, bed it to give up it's delish treat. Yeah he's gotta work for that inner goodness. 
 photo DSCN5240_zps9175e9d4.jpg 

Toby &  Kyjen's Paw Hide Puzzle.

 For this one I highly suggest doing it on the day you're going to trim their claws.  They need claws for this one.  When they have nubs it's SOOOO much harder.  Toby is the only one that will not give up on this challenge.  Mishka decided it was too hard and went back to the Holee Roller for his personal torture time. We just put kibbies in it and occasionally a kibby bomb .. aka kibby wrapped in cheese.  Dog heaven here!

 photo DSCN5217_zpsd5f282ff.jpg

 photo DSCN5230_zps9fff6aab.jpg

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  1. Great ways to keep busy. Since its so hot here in Florida mommy has been breaking up treats and throwing them all over the house for us to chase. We have some of those holes rollers but I don't like it. Muffin has a fire hydrant that holds goodies and keeps her busy for a long time. Maybe mommy should try the other type of puzzle thing-a-ma-jig for me.

    Lily Belle