Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First impressions can be totally wrong

a little retro rewind today as I was looking through older photos of mine. ; ) 

Remember the first time you ever saw your favorite little furries face?  Feeling the need to give Molly a playmate after fostering a little Corgi for a short time we found an ad for BeBe.  For me it was utter LOVE at first site,  Aaron wasn't so sure.  At that time we had no clue what Isabella coloring was and he thought he looked like an old dog.  (hardly!!)

Amazing how that all changed the moment he stepped out of the rig.  Have you ever seen what a grown 6'2" man looks like plopped on the ground cuddling a little dog?  Looks about like this.  Of course being the loving wife that I am I have to razz him from time to time about that "old" dog he nearly passed up.  If I remember right he had just turned 2. LOL


  1. I couldn't do what I do without my husband...looks like you have a keeper too!
    bless you both :)

  2. So cute! They're definitely boh keepers!

  3. Ah Sweet BeBe! {wink, wink}

    What a great day that was for all of you. And the smile on hubby's face is PRICELESS!

    Lily Belle

  4. Awwwwe...dat is too sweet! I sure don't remembers my dad doin' dat withs me...hehehehe.
    Loves to sees a man holdin' a little dog though. And of course, holdin' a doxie is even betters;)


  5. I stopped by for Wordless Wednesday but as I scrolled down this post caught my eye the most. I own two little Doxies myself - a black and tan and chocolate dapple. Your little isabella pup is a beaut!