Monday, January 24, 2011

Happiness starts with V..

V ... for Vintage.  : )

While most hunt for new .. I hunt for old. I love and treasure old things and like to give them knew purpose in my house. Usually it's useful things but sometimes you just gotta have "stuff" that is utterly useless other than if only making your heart melt with happiness when you see it.

It's usually really rare that my Mom leaves the "village" as I call it and heads either north or south to the bigger towns that are about 25-30 mins away from us. But last weekend ( and this one too ) she ventured out and invited me along. Childless... ( aka girls stayed home with hubby )  it was an adventure into thrift stores, collectible and antique shops. I was in Squee heaven.

Last Saturday's treasure... I love how it says Hi Friend .. haha

Yesterday's treasure ...

Ahh the simpler things in life that make me do a happy dance especially when my Mom says.."do you want that?"
I feel like I'm 5 again sometimes. Oh yes Mommy .. yes yes yes I do!!


  1. Oh, what pawsome finds! One time, Mama was at a flea marke & in a box on the floor was a gorgeous dachshund ornament. Mama casually asked the price & the said a whopping whole $1.00!!! It originally sold for $18 back in the 1980's!!!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  2. Great find!! We actually have one kinda like that first one, but I haven't seen one like the last one...I gotta find me one of those!! LOL Love the butterfly on the hindend. So cute!! :)