Thursday, January 27, 2011


A lazy cross posting from my dachsie forum to help spread a lil black n tan joy.   : ) 

Original comment was here..

doxierock; said....  think the next one needs to be a black and tan! he is a cutie!

I said .... Now as much as I think BT's are cute, everyone around here has one ( edit.. I mean in Oregon.. that's where I see them ). I refuse to assimilate. : )

So yeah ... longish story short. Today Aaron and I drove to Eugene to purchase a set of dishes I had spied on Craiglist New Years eve. They came all the way from Yuba City, CA this morning as the lady had to pick her daughter up from the train station. Wow lucky for me! I had no intentions of bringing home anything but my dishes and perhaps some junk shop treasures. On our way home, in my usual fashion I was gawking at the Craigslist for Eugene as Aaron drove along and as you all know I was gawking at the pet section I'm a sucker, I look at em daily all over the state, all over the USA. Petfinder too. I pray for these lil homeless babies. So I said to Aaron .. ahh look a B&T just waiting for you to take him home and he's only 50 clams, he instantly perked up and said "REALLY??" ( Aaron has wanted a B&T something fierce ever since he and I were sitting online learning about Molly and we stumbled across colors of the Dachsie breeds. ) I said yeah really there is one. "Where?" I said about about 20 minutes back the way we came .. he was quiet then .. another 10 minutes.. "do you wanna go see it" ( oh lordy!! ) Me .. well ... if you want to .. otherwise it doesn't matter to me ( still driving south at this point ) quite for a bit more.. Do you want me to call on him? and immediate yes from the drivers side.. Before I had called I told Aaron, I don't even think I have 50 bucks in cash. Low and behold, exactly 50 bucks.

So I called, Aaron pulled off at the next exit a little faster than BeBe ( who was with us ) or I cared for .. Whiplash had nothing on that mans sudden excitement. I plugged the address into the Map thingy on the phone and back up I-5 we went. Finally finding the place, it was pitch black out by now ( we were supposed to be almost to the exit to the Coast at this time ) I'm tentatively ringing someone's doorbell while he's kinda looming behind me with this insane bouncy energy. A fellow opens the door and I ask is this the right place for the little black and tan, guy makes a joke to which I was like OMG wrong door then laughs and says no come on in. We are greeted by a mass of wriggly joy. I am pretty much shuved out of the way as Aaron, all 6'2" of him is on the floor being licked to death. I gave up on him and started my barrage of questions. What does he eat, his food schedule, potty sched, sleep, vetting, yadda yadda. Then when I am satisfied and they most likely think I am a wack job, I ask Aaron shall we introduce him to BeBe. Out the door we go and they meet. Snif snif, BeBe tries to climb up my leg but settles down and decides to snif back. All in all that portion went well. We all stand and talk more about the dogs.

Come to find out the man was only to watch the dog for a friend, 2 weeks became months, then a year, has girlfriend who does not care for the dog ( she was a big dognot a whimpy dog ) I said nothing but thought lots. They called him Snoopy. Snoopy isn't going to stay his name, it doesn't fit him so I'm currently thinking.

So in the end, this choice was not my choice, I left it 100% to Aaron and I told him before we ever got to the place if you blame me for him leaving a poopy in the kitchen I will point my finger and say oh no .. those 4 are mine .. that one is yours. Hehehe Most likely I will just laugh and give him a knowing look. So far he has us both around his lil paws.. Tomorrow is bath day and claw trim as his claws are just OMG too long. Grrr.

But as I look down.. there he is .. at my feet, he's home and he knows it, the Weens like him and I give it just a few days before there is zoomie play. He's a Dog's dog I think. Loves all.
I can dig that.

Oh and Doxierock .. I openly admit.. I've been .. assimilated.

So .... we see that the new boy has a bit of Flubbage we're going to gently work on removing

Nonono .. DIZ ... is my cute side.. yes no?

Oh yesh ... I wikes diz Star...


  1. Congrats on the new pup! He looks to be real cutie!

  2. squee!! b must be getting chub, cuz new boy doesn't look flubbery at all to me!

  3. Kalyx... B isn't chub... he has beautiful dips in his waste both sides when I have seen him, plus he's a smaller standard so hence looks a bit bigger. I'd say Bax looks perefect as far as body goes not to mention adorable cuteness on top of that.

    New boy ( no name yet ugh .. ) def has flubber and he's a tween. He's pouting from lack of "free feed" options. :)

  4. Aww!!!! He's absolutely adorable!! I can't wait to find out what you name him.

  5. Congrats Sarah & Aaron...he's definitely a sweetie...then again I'm a sucker for a black/tan too!! He looks like he's always lived there :)

  6. Opps...that comment above was from me Sarah LOL - look forward to his new name...I'll remember to sign my name this time - Judy LOL