Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Worded Wednesday

There is a special friend in this world .... well I'd like to consider her my friend and hope she thinks the same.. 

I wanted to give public thanks, a plug at her awesome creations if you will and kudos to the wonderful lady that has the greatest little Dachsie in my book ( besides my own bratlings ) Baxter's Momma!!  Without her I wouldn't have something so precious to me.  

With a little note ... more of a question..  she helped turn a hope into reality for me. 

I "borrowed" this photo to share here as it's not my own personal picture.  I wanted to be a bit sneaky and not have to blab why I wanted to borrow it.  I think she will understand.   : )

My lovely Tigger tag on.   Happiness is .. good memories.Photobucket

I think she should know that each time I look at it .. I do smile and it makes me think of the care and effort put into creating it.  Which to me speaks volumes and I appreciate the time taken to create it. 

Thank you!!!

If you're seeking something original, unique and hand made please check out Kalyxcraftopia on Etsy.  I believe .. you wont regret it!  :)


  1. Oh BOY.. That is Beautiful. I know Baxter's Mom's work and you are right ... she is very much TAILented.

  2. She does awesome work.