Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's been a while..

I have decided to open my notes up to more than just my Doxie's.  What.. there is more than Doxie's you say?  Oh yes..  there is more.. Not much .. but yes more.  I have cats too.  A massive love of vintage items and daily gripes that sometimes just need to be let loose.   There will be a little bit of re-decorating my little nook of the blog o'sphere as well. But that will come later.. when I have more patience and can figure out just what it is I want.   I am far from perfect so sometimes there might be a rating posted within the title to let you know if it's NSFW ( Not safe for work ) or PG13 when I am feeling the need to blow off steam.   It amazes me that anyone would want to read my mindless jibberish but hell if it makes you smile, laugh or even think with a more open mind.  Then by all means.  Enjoy.  

It's been a while that I have posted here as I lost my precious Finn to a freak accident via Shiloh.  He blessed my life for a short time and was gone just like that.  I found it hard to talk happily about Doxies when one of them had made me so angry and for a time I couldn't fathom it.   No worries... I have come to the conclusion that because Shiloh is blind that it was total freak accident.  Nothing more .. or less. 

I have since been rather careful and have added a new kitty to the mix.  Her name is Tippi.  Tippi came via a good friend of mine who knew I needed a little furlove and needed one quick.  The loss of not only my Tigger but my Finn too .. it was too much to bare.  She is becoming quite the character and perfect couch snuggle companion after everyone including the Weens have gone to bed.  And just the other day on the 7th .... my 7th kitten entered my life.   Mew... named not only for a previous furlove long gone into heavens glory but for the insane howling I heard from the back of the house while sitting at my computer.   A tiny wee thing.  Flea bitten, starving and crying out for mercy.  Or at least some nibblies and some lovin.   I had both to give... Oh and a good bath too. 

So for now.. that's that.. and a copy n pasted posting from a different blog I was just playing on but a posting I wanted to keep before I deleted the other blog. 
The Funeral home one was worth carrying over to this one.


  1. *snort* Our Mama says, when you figure out how to make someone 80 - look like they are 20 - let her know! lol!
    We can tell you are a kind hearted, dedicated person - well, you own doxies, right? That is where the crazy comes in! hahahaha!
    We've missed you!! Thanks for such a newsy note!

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  2. love the new background paper :) uh, u already know about the heebie stuff but still very informative! :)

  3. sorry you lost some fur's so hard to deal with their loss, but I wouldn't give up our animals just to not have to loose them cause I love them so much! :)

    Wow...I can't say I'd want to work in a funeral home, but it's a job so if I had to...I guess I would have to get used to it. Sounds like they keep you busy! :)

  4. My son in law is a funeral director, it's a stressful job and takes a special kind of person to be able to cope with it.
    You must be one of those special people and my hat (if I wore one) is off to you!

  5. oh my! i've been so behind on my blogs, so i don't know what i've missed and what's been left out, but i'm so sorry to hear about finn. and that shiloh had something to do with it. heartbreak and pain. :(

    i loved your "what i do" post. i loved the show six feet under. lol!!!

  6. Angie ... it's ok me too .. I'm slow to read and sometimes don't have enough time to comment. I'm so bad. :(