Friday, June 25, 2010

3 becomes... suddenly 4

yeppers.. that's right.  I said it.. 4.

I'd like to make it known that I did not intentionally set out to take in a special needs dog.   I know nothing about them but I COULD NOT and WOULD NOT let this beautiful baby be KILLED, EUTHANIZED, MURDERED or HARMED in anyway.

kill (kil)
transitive verb
  1. to cause the death of; make die

    1. to destroy the vital or active qualities of
    2. to destroy; put an end to; ruin
  So with my best intentions I will stumble along, learning and give what care I can to this beloved creature that God has chosen to place in my life.

When a dogs tags on his collar range from North Pole, AK, Lone Pine, ID, various OR towns..  You do NOT give up on them.   You stand firm to what your heart believes and you give them a place in your home and heart forever.

Shiloh's story ...

My day started out with my phone chiming "Droid" If you're familiar with the commercial you know the annoying sound by now. I kept it because well .. it's annoying and gets my attention when an e-mail comes in. It might be work .. I just never know.

The hand reaches blindly to the night stand .. it's either a txt or an e-mail. The mind is curious.. Must see. The body is half with it. It's not even 8 am yet. I stayed up too late last night feeling sorry for myself. Shame on me.

The note went like this.
June 24 at 7:16am
Sarah I just got a call about a doxie who is desperately looking for a home. She is about 1-2 years old, spayed and up to date on vacc's, Black. Kicker is she is blind. She is currently living with a very disabled woman in a house of filth. The woman has to get a wheel chair and is in current diminished ability to take care of her anylonger. No fee just needs a good home. I will find out more in a bit about her personality, but thought of you and your doxie love. Knowing you don't have a blind black one, lol. I think she would benefit for the eyes of another dog and your pack may be perfect for her if you were willing to take her. The shelter just busted a puppy mill and has taken in 58 dogs I hear, there is no way she would enter our shelter and come out alive.

The right eye decides to start twitching.... blind the mind says.. I don't know anything about blind.. Not coming out alive .... the mind is waking up.
I'm up, checking on the girls who are still asleep.. yay! A quick shower and 15 minutes later I ploop down into my desk chair.. Yes ... I ploop .. not plop. It's more dramatic when you ploop.

I re-read the note and try calling hubby. Hubby has said .. no more pets. Over and over hubby has said this. Hubby is like soap stone mind you. What is carved can be re-written. Tell hubby of dire situation. Hubby says .. you know how I feel but I know what you're going to do regardless. Tell hubby .. you know you love me even with all my pathetic must save the world ideals... hubby agrees he loves me and we hang up.

Now onto a flurry of chatting with my friend who sent the note who then passes me on to the lady who contacted her... We shoot notes back n forth and I learn more ...

Black "she" is now a Piebald LH "He" Oh my ... still blind tho .. My mind screams " You know NOTHING of blindness " "shut up mind ... I wont hear it!!"

Also find out he's nuetered. Yay. That's good. Not fully vetted but that can be dealt with. Woman is having a hard time with giving him up. Can totally understand that. It's never easy. Find out he's approx 2-3. No biggy. I like older men. Hehe. So during the time I play hurry up and wait I chatted Terri and Michelle up as they have Mira and Cassidy. A wealth of knowing and I thank you both for letting me be annoying and pick your minds. I read up on special needs dogs while I waited..

5:30 I left the house. Humming as I drove. My heart pounding. It's my first date. Will he like me? Will I smell ok? Do we kiss first and talk later?
I get to his "waiting" spot and there he was. A filthy as hell little thing, covered in fleas, nails long enough to almost be hookish. But he looks towards me. Ohh my heart be still he has some site I feel. Not a ton but enough. I crouch down close to him. I offer a hand while I chat him up. He snifs and gives it a lick. Oh ... kiss and talk later. My kind of man. Hehehe Just joking gals! I lean a little closer thinking ..oh Sarah you're going to get bit. It's a chance I need to take. I am rewarded by a shower of kisses and wiggling joy. I reach out and unclasp the filthy collar. It has a grubby Idaho tag. I might follow up on that tomorrow out of curiosity. He sits up slightly as if to say .. Yes please.. take me home. My mind reels.. "he is blind..." the conversation ends with the heart yelling " I CAN DO THIS " Scooped up and away we go.

So his name was Lucas but I found out he has no CLUE what his name is.. My thoughts.. New Life.. New Name ..
We were stumped until my good friend Mike made this suggestion on FB

Mike :
You should just simply name him "Gift" because you are a gift to him for taking him in and he is a gift to you because he will fill a special spot in your heart.

MIKE .. OMG you're a Doll .. literally.. You made me cry I love the idea but Aaron tittered at the idea of naming him gift so I looked up boy names that have "gift" in the meaning and we're going to name him Shiloh.. it's hebrew and means "his gift" He is such a gift from God. *muah* XoXo

So we chose Shiloh.

So sweet precious Shiloh has since had ... a horrific pulling from his .. flea infested filth manor, a scary drive home I'm sure as he can't see and doesn't know what's happening, straight into the house without so much as a "would you like a cup of coffee" and into the bath. He was scrubbed, rubbed and conditioned. Flufferoonied dry. Flea combed for extra measure and then just brushed and massaged because his little body screamed oh yes I do like my tum tum rubbed right there. Squeeeee. He sat like a prince while I cut the horrific talons off ( they will be a work in progress as they are so long I'm not sure where the quick is, but much shorter now.. yay ) He shamelessly feasted on a few buttered green beans and a piece of chicki from Mommy's dinner plate ( we have years of lack of spoiling to make up for you know ) then later on to retire in the pink pedal bed next to Mommy's feet at the computer and have his dish of supper brought to him. ( Daddy is in wuvs!! )

Oh and in the end.. finally.. lol we know he's a Double Dapple ( shame on the bad greedy breeders or just plain STUPID ones that did this to him )

Link to MANY more photos:

Shiloh has his first bath ( I bet his first EVER ... )

Working his magic on Daddy

First potty ... it's outside.. YAY ... the weens are like oh ... must snif

This attention ... oh .. so horrible!

What a Pookie Tanookie Bear looks like

Dinner in the Pink Pedal Bed. The spoiling commences

getting ready for bedtime

The children all snug in their rugs ( I will need a large crate if all works out right.. hope so )



  1. I cried when I read this, God bless you for rescuing Shiloh, he is so handsome. His double dappleness is most likely what caused his blindness. Congrats, and I think your big heart is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. He's beautiful. Congratulations on your new addition.

  3. You are an angel! I cried when I read this. Congrats on your new addition - he is a gift and he's very lucky to have you!

  4. Shiloh is so gentle & beautiful!! God bless you and family for rescuing him. Well, I can tell he is totally a Daddy's boy now. :)

  5. You and your husband are the best!
    Siloh is adorable!
    Maybe you don't know much about his special needs... but I know your heart will tell you!
    Kisses and hugs to all of you

  6. You made our Moms' eyes leak reading this. A FURRY BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your new family member!!! We just know that everything will work out alright. We heartily believe in what you did. We are an entire family of rescues, you know. All 16 (8 doggies, 8 kitties) of us!!
    We can't wait to see more pictures of Shiloh!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  7. Ok, you've gone & done it now.....we are snottin' like babies!!
    Welcome, welcome, welcome Shiloh! We are so thrilled to meet you!
    You have gone from the "outhouse" to the "penthouse" - in one simple car ride!

    To your new Mamma & Dad - many, many hugs from are truly angels!!

    (((hugs)) your friends,
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  8. Shiloh would thank you all for your sweet comments but he is currently too lazy in the pink pedal bed to move and type :) Much love and thanks to you all.

  9. how lovely - a blind dog isn't a big deal at all. mostly we just tapped so the boys could find us but they got pretty good about using their snooters, too. happy new home, Shiloh!!

  10. Oh he is a good looking boy. Definitely a sweetie pie. I'm sure he will settle in well with your doxie pack.

    Flash, alven and dottie

  11. Shiloh is so lucky to have found you . . . ><