Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Falling ..

From time to time I tend to literally fall of the face of the earth when it comes to blog stuff, Facebook adventures, my favorite Dachsie forum and even not bothering to come near the PC for days, sometimes a full week at a time.  I blame my cell for this as it's easier to read things via the cell and just become the lurker.   But lately, with more gusto I have been interested in being at my desk, fiddling with projects here, organizing the blasted thing for the millionth time and so on.

I often wonder tho.  Does anyone really give a rats butt what I have to say.  I don't find myself to be all that interesting to follow but for some reason people follow.  Thanks for that it makes me feel like someone pays attention to my random blathering.

So a little update since it's been  ... well .. too long.
The Weens are all AWESOME.   Kai and Mishka just this past Thursday went in for their "snip".  They didn't dig the ride in and were high as wee little kites when I went to pick them up.   By the next day they were in their typical barky butt form with a touch of whine as the pain meds had worn off completely.  Fast forward to today and you would think nothing has ever touched them.

Although starving from 4pm on, waking up to find yourself ushered out to do your biz when no man nor beast belongs up at such a nutty hour, Mom sticking you into the porta crate, only to be dropped off at a funny smelling place.  Finding yourself suddenly rather sleepy only to wake up and be drugged beyond all comprehension.  "Why does my butt area hurt Mom?" they seemed to say when I picked them up, the ride home was blissfully quiet.  ( I should get some more of those drugs )  The sleep it off session was fantastic.  My two most obnoxious terrorists were passed out.    All in all it was a good experience for me at least.  Hehe  My boys will never father unwanted babies, most important in my book!

Mishka and Kai the evening before... utterly clueless as usual.  :)  

In the back of the van refusing to look at me ..

S/Nipped where it all happened.  ( Thanks Tamara and staff!!! )

A couple of zonked out babies


  1. At least they got to go together!!!! It must have been a little comforting for them to wake up post-surgery next to your brother. :-)

  2. Welcome back!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  3. HEY... THERE you are!! GOOOOOOOD to see you again.
    About that Tutoring Trip... Sorry fellas you won't hurt fur tooooo long... Do you have to wear the CONE of SHAME??? THAT is the worst.

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  5. i think it's the eternal question every blogger asks - 'does anyone care, and would anyone notice if i stopped blogging completely?'. the answer is usually YES, and we find out once we re-start that there are people out there who get their fix from our routine doses of life-sharing, and who actually missed us. one thing i noticed is that the number of people in the "follower" list never belies the TRUE number of people who follow a blog. i know this because we get random comments from people NOT on our 'follower' list fairly frequently. if you feel like you want more exposure, you can always "share" your blog to your facebook page.

    welcome back, and keep on blogging!

  6. Thanks everyone!!
    Frankie .. no cone of shame.. The boys were excellently behaved and left their "spots" alone. Thank goodness.
    Docdox .... That is a wonderful way to put it into perspective. :) I do syndicate it on my FB page but I don't have a ton of friends on there that seem to be bloggy readers. No biggy. I write for me mainly and am happy that anyone enjoys what blather I have to say hehe
    XoXo's all!