Friday, June 17, 2011

New Book: Dachshund Coats, Colors, & Patterns

As most of my friends know I am an utter food nut when it comes to my Dachshunds but I have been starting to become more and more interested in the "why" behind the color variations ( since you all know my 6 pack is like skittles... every color of the rainbow )  and along came a wonderful little linky with such a thing...
A lovely new book with oodles of information on the very thing I'd like to learn about.

Dachshund Coats, Colors & Patterns is, in my thoughts, a dream come true.   My curiosity led me to e-mail the author about the book as I wanted to know which format it was in, hard or soft and how many pages.  A portion of her reply here:
The book is hardback and 88 pages long.  It covers everything under the sun - looks as well as genetics - relating to coat types, colors, patterns, and most all the mixes thereof that can or even might be found in dachshunds.  It's based on grounded historical information as well as the latest research that's out there.
 That's all it took.  Hardback and over 30 pages.  I'm sold.   :)

Full of explanations about the many coat types, colors, and patterns that can be found in dachshunds and other breeds.  Includes a slew of photographs as well as drawings, graphical charts, and other charts.  The information is applicable to just about every dog breed and can be utilized when making sound breeding decisions.  It also makes for a great coffee table piece and conversation starter for those who simply enjoy dachshunds and all the colors they come in.  There is no modern book like this on the market for man's best friend!

Take a peek of the photos!  ( used with permission from: Facebook Page: The Wienepedia)


To purchase this book:  The Wienepedia  
(if you decide to purchase the book please mention me, Sarah Sandberg.  I would ever so appreciate it.  :) )

It arrived yesterday....  :)
So ... I'll be checking it out and let ya all know what I think of it k? 


  1. I think I might need a copy too!

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